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Some of the roommates go bungee-jumping for Irulan's birthday. In an interview, Irulan explains that, afterward, they will go out to dinner. As they all check out how high the crane is, Mikey says that he wishes Gabe were there. Irulan doesn't know whether Gabe would jump. Alton looks like he wishes Gabe would jump, minus the bungee cord. Irulan gets strapped into the harness. In an interview, Irulan says that the height made her nervous. Everyone cheers her on, and she dives off the platform. Everyone screams and yells. Alton thinks it was beautiful. Of course he does. Irulan rejoins them and says that it was good. Mikey thinks this will be a great memory for her. They all hug. I struggle to keep my eyes open, because seriously? This is one boring episode so far.

Alton and Mikey head out to find a gift for Irulan. Mikey wants to get her a gold-plated cigarette holder. Alton thinks they can find one. Alton says, "I don't know. I'd love to have a relationship with a certain person, but...[breaks into British accent] that's not it! That's not it at all!" The hell? Why did he just do an accent? Why didn't he name Irulan specifically? Clearly Mikey knows what's up, based on the rest of the scene. Alton fascinates and mystifies me. And bores me. Mikey says that Gabe is his friend, so seeing Alton and Irulan together makes him feel weird, but he knows Irulan and Gabe are good together. In an interview, Alton says that he doesn't understand Irulan because she has Gabe but still wants to figure out what else is out there, which makes Alton think that maybe Gabe isn't the right guy for her. Mikey tells Alton that in his place, Mikey would feel guilty. Alton says that he does. Mikey says that it's Irulan's decision. Yeah, and it's also Alton's decision whether or not to tell Irulan to fuck off. I vote that he does. Alton says he doesn't want to get his "little heart hurt." Mikey warns Alton not to get too attached. In an interview, Alton says that Irulan's relationship with Gabe "draws a very clear line onto how emotionally involved to get" because "there's always that possibility of getting hurt." Snore. Haven't we seen this before in at least two episodes this season? What's different this time? Oh, now they've had sex? Except that they won't admit it on camera, so who cares?

Clearly the editors are as bored as I am. Old-timey music plays, and then we see a title card similar to what you would see in a silent movie, complete with faux film defects. It reads "Irulan's birthday dinner." Alton, holding a bunch of flowers, walks into the restaurant with Mikey. Title card: "Gee...I hope Irulan likes these flowers." You know, I was going to recap this whole thing, but it's just dumb. Basically, Alton gives Irulan the flowers. In an interview, Arissa says that Alton and Irulan are falling for each other. That seems like about the fourth time this season we've seen that interview. Arissa pulls Alton aside and tells him that he "did good" with the flowers. Then they discuss that it was good and that girls like getting flowers. Oh, my God. Kill me now.

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