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More of the Same

Alton and Irulan get into bed together. But first, Alton lights some incense. Who wants to sleep with stinky incense fumes clogging up the room? Yuck. In a confessional, Irulan sits on Alton's lap and claims that all she and Alton have done is kiss and snuggle. Can you say "damage control"? In the bed, Alton and Irulan kiss and move around under the blanket.

Trishelle is in the shower, and she calls Frank over. In an interview, Trishelle says that Irulan is "a very needy person" who needs a lot of friends and a lot of presents on her birthday. That Trishelle is the one calling Irulan needy is hilarious. Frank walks over and pretends he's not totally checking out Trishelle's naked bod. Trishelle asks if Frank is getting Irulan anything for her birthday. Frank says that he and Steven are getting her a spa treatment, which costs him nothing. Apparently it was Steven's idea, and Frank just put his name on the card. Frank says that Trishelle can add her name, too. Frank complains that he only buys birthday presents for family members and girlfriends, but not for friends. And while I can see his point, and no one should have to buy a gift because they feel obligated, it's still pretty tacky to complain about it. Just buy something small or make a nice card or something. In an interview, Frank says that everyone is making a big deal of Irulan's birthday, but it's not a big deal because you have a birthday every year. J-Dawg is so that way. And I'm all about celebrating birthdays. Don't worry; we've learned to compromise. Trishelle says that she'll put her name on the spa gift, but that she's also going to buy a group gift from all of them. Frank likes that idea, because it means he doesn't have to do anything.

Irulan and Alton spoon in bed, kissing and rubbing some more. He's totally touching her boobies right now. I feel dirty watching this. The phone rings and Alton gets up to answer it. It's Gabe. Alton stutters a bit and then reminds Gabe that it's Irulan's birthday. Gabe already knew. Alton says he'll get her. Gabe says Alton shouldn't wake Irulan up if she's sleeping. Alton stutters some more and then says he saw Irulan walking around a minute ago so he knows she's awake. Wow, Alton is a terrible liar. Maybe he should have been Joe Millionaire. Irulan grabs the phone. Gabe wishes Irulan a happy birthday, and Irulan baby-talks to him. In an interview, Alton says that when he hears Irulan tell Gabe that she loves him, he thinks that Gabe deserves it because he's a good guy, but it makes Alton feel like he shouldn't be falling for Irulan. Gabe gives Irulan a big smooch over the phone. Alton voice-overs that it doesn't make sense that Irulan would get out of bed with him and talk to Gabe, and he feels like he's playing himself. Or maybe he should be playing with himself, in order to avoid being tempted to sleep with Irulan again. After more baby talk, Irulan hangs up. Alton lies in bed and looks pissed.

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