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Previously on Real World: Kelley and Peter were having a "day-to-day thing." Julie's family comes to visit and her dad was all up in her grill. Julie stayed out late and missed church with her family. D'oh! You know, if they're going to pretend that these "Previously On" scenes were actually shown on some episode, previously, they might not want to show the last episode right before the new one. Because I watched it, and many of these scenes were not in there. Which makes the whole "Previously On" premise a big farce. I'm sure you're all shocked and surprised that the editors are fucking with us.

I should add that I had the pleasure of watching this episode in the company of the esteemed Sars, djb, and Gustave, so some of their commentary may work its way into the episode. Because when we MBTV writers get together, we -- wait for it -- watch television. Yes, we know how sad that is.

The church bells are ringing, and Julie's all, "Get me to the church on time!" Oops, not so fast, young Mormon-san. Turns out her parents are already leaving the church. Dude, did they just show Julie in her bra? They totally did! Woo! I mean, if I were into girls. Which I'm not. Not that there would be anything wrong with it if I were. Anyway, in an interview, Julie says that her dad "had a hard time with [her] not fitting the vision that he had picked out for [her]." For any of you who didn't see last week's episode. Because I'm not sure if you got by now that Julie and her dad don't get along, because he's a tiny bit controlling. Just trying to catch you up and all. Anyway, Julie's family sits on a wall outside the church. Julie's all yawn-y, and says that her dad has made the biggest deal out of her going to church. In an interview, Julie says that her dad feels like he has some responsibility over her spirituality, and he doesn't. Mrs. Mormon says that no matter what, Julie is still his daughter and he's concerned about her. Julie rolls her eyes halfway to Outer Mongolia and says that that's beyond concern: "It's called living my life for me."

Montage of religious symbols. I wonder how they ever found so many religious symbols in...New Orleans. Forget it. Kelley and Peter are sitting at an outdoor café called "Just Perkin'." See, they need the apostrophe because the missing "g" makes it quaint. Or something. Anyway, Kelley is saying that she's not sure yet -- about what, we don't know. For some reason, the cameraman is like a hundred yards away, and normally I would think that they just weren't allowed to film inside the café property, but (a) they're outside, on the sidewalk, and I don't know why they couldn't just stand nearby and (b) the camera showing Peter's reaction shot is, like, on top of Kelley, so clearly the property thing is not an issue. Yet another B/M mystery. Kelley is having a "down day" about "whether [she] should stay [in New Orleans] or not." Close-up of Dr. Peter. Sars chimes in, "Ew! Peter is so International Male catalog. You know he wears, like, tiger-striped underwear." We all agree with her assessment while Kelley voice-overs that she doesn't feel sure that everything will work out with Peter if she stays in New Orleans.

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