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More Hookups...Finally

A guitar strums while we see Attention Deficit Manor at night. The phone rings. Mike gets it. "Lars, it's for you!" he calls out. "It's one of your bitches!" Lars and Mike laugh hysterically over the idea of Lars having "bitches." Apparently the term "bitch" is used around the house an awful lot. Well, of course it is. Gay men are always using the term "bitch"! No, but seriously folks, Lars loves using the word "bitch" ironically as if he's pretending to be an American. "I ain't dressing up for those bitches," says Lars one night as they're about to go clubbing. "I'll call a girl a bitch," says Jay woodenly in an interview. "It's just a way to make jokes."

But some people in the house don't like the world bitch at all. "I must admit, I find comments about 'bitches' quite offensive," says Neil in an interview. He delivers this pronouncement against a stained glass window with this head resting on his fingers as though he's posing for a head shot. And never mind that, grammatically, Neil hasn't condemned the use of the word "bitch"; he's simply condemned talking about someone who'd be a bitch. Kat is even more grammatically skewed. "I don't like the way language is thrown around the house," she says in an interview. I guess she doesn't like people speaking English in her presence or something. Sharon, Kat and Neil sit around the dinner table and lament the use of the word "bitch" by Mike, Jay and Lars. Neil finds it really "shocking" that Mike, Lars, and Jay can just refer to any girl as a "bitch." "I would never date a guy who referred to me as 'my bitch,'" says Kat. Sharon is alarmed that "a lot of young men" use the word so freely.

One day, Sharon picks out a severe-looking black outfit -- complete with sunglasses perched on top of her head -- and sits in the kitchen with Neil and Kat. They wait until Mike rollerblades in, and then they confront him. "Mike," says Sharon, her fingertips caressing her bare throat. "I feel that you feel comfortable calling any woman a bitch." "What are you bitches doing tonight?" says Mike as an example. "I can see that you find that hugely funny," says Sharon. Neil and Kat proceed to eat anything in the kitchen they can get their hands on. First Mike tries to blame growing up with rap groups like N.W.A., and then claims that he simply feels comfortable enough with everyone in the house to use an offensive term. Sharon points out that she doesn't feel comfortable with the term. Neil also admits that he's not comfortable. "I find it astounding," says Neil, "that you use [the word 'bitch'] and not care about it." So if Mike "cared enough" to use the word "bitch," then that would be okay? Like if he called someone a bitch who he really thought was a bitch, that would make it all right? Mike grips the banister and looks really scared even though he's trying to pass it all off as a sporty chat. In an interview, Mike claims that he never uses the term seriously. "But obviously some people in the house are offended by the term," he says in a voice-over while we see him walking around London. He vows never to use the term again because he doesn't want to offend anyone. And I have to give him props -- not for his sensitivity to women, but for ending this ridiculous plot line.

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