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Montana Gets A New Mattitude

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Montana Gets A New Mattitude

And so ends this episode, much in the same way as all the others: with Montana, alone in a room, on the phone with a guy, crying. Matt tells Montana that he's trying to be "real" with her, admitting that it scares him to put himself on the line for her because she has nothing to lose and he has nothing to fall back on. (Read: Buh-bye, sista.) She tells him that she has a lot on the line too, ending this spectacular hour (oh, you say it's only a half-hour? But it seemed like so very much longer) with the assertion, "For lack of a better word or phrase, you're...rocking my world!" Lack of a better phrase? Than "rocking my world"? Is there one?

Next week: Montana cries! On the phone! Again! Y'know, probably.

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