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Montana Gets A New Mattitude

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Montana Gets A New Mattitude

Back in the firehouse, Jason and Genesis lie inexplicably on the floor, and Jason non-segues into a censor-unfriendly, "So how'd you like humping that chick tonight?" Jason congratulates Genesis on landing such an attractive little filly, but tacks on, "She had braces, I think." Genesis reports that she "felt them," and Jason tells her that he didn't see them kiss. Genesis pointlessly asks if maybe he wasn't paying attention, and Jason wipes away a thin trail of drool before clarifying, "I was watching. The whole time." Well congratulations, oh ye intrepid voyeur. Genesis feels sad and guilty because she has never kissed anyone but Tammy. Let's call Tammy herself, just to see if that's all good with her, shall we?

Confessional. Genesis tells us that she "didn't want [Tammy] to find out about the kiss in any other way besides [her] calling." Like, say, on television. Cut to Genesis retreading the story to Tammy, and then right back to confessional, where we discover that Tammy expressed total apathy about the kiss and changed the subject straightaway. All of which inspires Genesis, an apparent graduate of The Montana School of Emotional Hypocrisy, to report that she is "pissed" and, she adds, "I hope that nothing has happened between her and somebody else since I've been up here to make her that cool about it." Sigh.

Speaking of such various and sundry forms of heinous hypocrisy, Montana and Matt are getting along smashingly, thank you very much. An upbeat montage of them drinking coffee, holding hands, and generally cooing and gah-gahing gives way to the inside of Matt's apartment, where the two sit on his couch and smoke and talk and love love love. She tells him she has to secure her money for "rent," and Matt smartly waits a moment before receiving the director's thumbs-up to inquire, "What rent?" She tells him that she is paying a quarter of her Manhattan rent while she's away, and then slyly reveals that she and Vaj live together, which I'm not sure I knew either. Matt expresses surprise and calls Vaj Montana's "live-in lover," and it is only now that I can tell for the first time that Matt has some kind of New England accent going on right there.

Firehouse. Sad Genesis. Shirtless Sean. End. END!!! Apparently, Tammy has called Genesis back and told her, as reported by Genesis, "I just want you to know that I'm always here for you and I always want us to be friends and I hope you're not mad at me." Then Tammy tells Genesis she just wants to be friends. Genesis looks downcast and pets the adorable kitten who mysteriously materializes as the perfect prop when someone is feeling really, really emotionally vulnerable.

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