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Mommy, What's An STD?

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Mommy, What's An STD?

Previously on The Real World: Colin admires Ruthie's strength and is glad she came back. Ruthie is curious to know what her other roommates think about her, but she won't ask them. Annoying definitely doesn't want Colin anymore. So this episode will be about Colin and Ruthie's friendship, and Annoying's attempts to move on. I would also like to say how pleased I am that this season is almost over, because I don't know how much more of these morons I could take. Also, if you missed any episodes, MTV is holding a marathon on November 6th, so check your local listings.

The episode opens with a band playing at Local Motion. The band is called "The Hawaiian Style Band" and they play a song called "Hawaiian Style." Annoying tells us that she spotted "a very nice young man" playing keyboards in the band. I don't know who she's looking at, but the man I'm looking at is definitely not young. I would guess he's thirty-five at the outside, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was forty. Not that forty is old, but it's definitely not young. Unless you're Wonder Bread, the seventy-five-year-old man. But I digress. The "young" man's name is Michael. Tetanus Girl tells us that she will "check out this dude" for Annoying. In a confessional, Annoying tells us that she and Tetanus Girl are very different people. Annoying is more of a "maternal soccer mom." As opposed to a paternal soccer mom, I guess. Tetanus Girl is more of a "crystal lady." But they are allies, now. I find it telling that she said "allies" instead of friends, since it seems they have united to defeat a common enemy -- Ruthie! When Michael the "young" keyboard player wraps up his show, Annoying takes off at a full sprint to catch up with him. She asks him when his birthday is. He says September 12, so he's a Virgo. Hey, me too! Annoying says she's really cheesy, and I laugh and laugh. But I guess she meant she was cheesy because she believes in astrology. Well, that's true too. Annoying tells Michael that she's going to give him her phone number, and then they'll go out to dinner, and then run wildly away together. Really, she said that. I thought I was bossy! Michael agrees. In a confessional, Annoying tells us that she's been avoiding other guys who have been asking her out, and put her life on hold, and she thought she had a good reason. In case we missed the point, they show a shot of Colin. Tetanus Girl tells her to "get on that, girl," and Annoying yells as loudly as she can, "I'll get on that!" and then looks around to make sure Colin heard her.

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