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Previously on The Real World: Irulan explained that she and Gabe have an open relationship, but that she's not allowed to hook up with any of her roommates. Irulan admitted that she was attracted to Alton in the beginning, and he admitted that he had a crush on her. Alton and Irulan made out in bed. Alton asked Irulan if she was going to tell Gabe about their hookup, and Irulan said that she felt like she had to.

Before I get started, I just wanted to clear something up about the previous recap regarding Trishelle. I don't think I explained it as clearly as I should have, but I do think Trishelle has a problem, and I do think eating disorders a big deal. However, I don't think Trishelle has a full-blown eating disorder yet. I think her issues are all related to her low self-esteem, and if she doesn't stop, she could definitely go over the line into an eating disorder. Anyway, if my feelings are still unclear, feel free to email me about, because I'm going to get on with the new episode now.

Irulan is typing away on the computer when the phone rings. She answers it, and Gabe says that he's down by the bar, so Irulan promises to come and get him. She primps in the mirror while waiting for the elevator, and as soon s she reaches the casino, she runs out and hugs him, and then starts making out with him right there. In an interview, Irulan says that Gabe is "an amazing, amazing person" who is her "best friend" and her "other half." I was kind of wondering where the other half of her went, because she is awfully petite. Irulan walks Gabe up to the suite. In an interview, Irulan says that she doesn't want to lose Gabe, even though she kissed Alton.

Cut to Alton in the elevator, heading for the ground floor. They make it out like Alton gets out on the ground floor just as Gabe and Irulan get into another elevator, but somehow I doubt it happened like that. In an interview, Alton says that not knowing whether or not Irulan is going to tell Gabe makes him nervous. In the gym, Alton tells Frank, "That's why I didn't want anything to happen,'s stupid." More and more, I'm realizing that Alton just speaks gibberish. Frank says that he doesn't know why Alton considers himself so involved in the situation. Frank understands if Alton doesn't want to hook up with Irulan because it would cause drama in the house if he hooked up with someone else later on, but Frank doesn't think Alton should have to worry about Gabe, because Alton doesn't know Gabe. It isn't Alton's job to worry about Gabe. It's Irulan's. Irulan is worrying about Gabe with her lips as she gives him yet another big smooch. They are already annoying me. Frank assures Alton that the Gabe situation is Irulan's problem, not Alton's. Irulan and Gabe kiss some more. Frank says that Alton is the good guy for pushing Irulan away, which is something Frank doesn't think he could've done. In an interview, Alton refers to himself in the third person as he says that one of his golden rules is not to mess with a girl that has a boyfriend. It's a good rule, but more because you will end up getting hurt than because her boyfriend is your problem. Meanwhile, and in a surprising development, Irulan and Gabe are still kissing.

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