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Previously on The Real World: I don't want to alarm anyone, but apparently there's a guy living in the house named Mohammed. He's got a girlfriend named Stephanie. He likes her, but he thinks dating her is "hard." There's another roommate we hear more about. His name is Pedro. Pedro isn't feeling too good these days.

Cory wears a headband and feels Pedro's face. She says he's warm. He says he's been out in the sun. He takes his temperature. Cory and Pedro can't figure out how to read a thermometer. Cory tells us that Pedro might get sick while he lives in the house. She says that she doesn't know what to do about how much she worries about him. She says that she babies him. Pedro says that he'd rather be alone. He says he can't do that to the people who care about him. Cory and Pedro still can't figure out how to read a thermometer, so they call Judd. Luckily, Pam comes home at that moment. Pedro shouts out the window that he's having sex with Cory and taking his temperature at the same time and could use some help. Cory giggles. She tells us that Pedro doesn't want her sympathy.

Mohammed tells us that he has a lot of respect for Pedro. He thinks that Pedro has a good heart. "So he's a very good-hearted person," he concludes. Mo tells us that he isn't sleeping very well. We see him asleep on a bus. Mo's at school. Wait. How can they just introduce us to Mohammed's life here in Episode 16? Then we see him at "work." Mohammed is either a makeup artist, or he works at The Body Shop. I can't tell from the camera angle, but he's putting makeup on some woman.

Cut to a strange shot of Mo in his girlfriend Stephanie's bedroom. She moves a stuffed animal off the bed while he's on the phone. She's in pajamas. He's not. He tells us they've been seeing each other for six months. She's a ballerina. He met her at his father's club. Mo reads Stephanie some of his...poetry? Music? I don't know. He says she wants too much of his time. He thinks she pressures him. He says he loves her, but he doesn't know where their relationship is going to go.

Pedro is at an audition for an interactive show about sexuality. They ask him to read for a heterosexual part, and Pedro jokes that he can't do that. They take him seriously and then he explains that he spent fifteen years being heterosexual, and he's pretty sure he can do it some more. We watch Pedro audition for the camera. Judd tells us that Pedro's been pushing himself, working long hours.

Pedro's in a group, talking about being HIV-positive. He says it's difficult to focus on the fact that he's getting sick. He says he works as hard as he does so that he doesn't have to think about his health.

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