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Previously on The Real World: Pam had a boyfriend. Pedro knew that Rachel's mother doesn't want her living with someone with HIV. Puck was out of the house.

Random street shot. Random shot of elderly Asians performing Tai Chi. Pam plays the keyboard, but we hear Enya instead. Man, if Enya sounds better than what Pam was plunking, I shudder to think what she's capable of. Pedro irons. Cory dries her hair. Judd draws. Mohammed sits on a pier and tells us that the entire house is much calmer now that Puck is gone. "It's a whole different atmosphere," he says. Why is Mohammed always on location for his confessionals? Mohammed burns some sage and comfrey in the house. Judd says that they're all happier and more relaxed now.

Cut to Rachel bitching on the phone to her parents. Little Miss Visa has gotten her credit cards taken away. I've seen the clothes Rachel wears this episode. They're doing her a favor. Rachel says that her parents think she has no responsibility when it comes to credit cards. Pedro laughs at her. Rachel laughs and tells us that her mother said she'll have her Masters degree and be homeless on the beaches of San Diego. She laughs some more. Credit-card debt is funny when you're rich, isn't it?

Rachel wears a Minnie Mouse striped dress while she argues with her mother on the phone. I can't listen to her if she's going to wear that thing. Pedro says that Rachel is conservative, but also wants to be wild. Cut to the two of them salsa dancing, showing us how wild they can get. Judd sips tea as Rachel and Pedro dance. Pedro says that Rachel is trying to get to know him as a person, and he's glad they're going on the trip. Rachel is bringing Pedro home to visit her family. Rachel asks Pedro whether he's comfortable going to services with her family on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Even Pedro doesn't talk to God that often. Rachel tells us that her home was very strictly Catholic, so she's always had a "Catholic Schoolgirl Rebellion" inside her. I hate Rachel. She's wearing a beret and a floozy sweater thing fresh off of some Contempo Casuals rack. She says she gets a kick out of upsetting her parents.

Cut to Rachel getting her belly button pierced. She tells us that she never liked her stomach enough before, but that she just went out and did it. If you're wondering what kind of piercing prices San Francisco was asking back in 1994, an ear was $15 and a septum was $25. Belly buttons were $28 and an eyebrow was $20. My pierced sister just leaned over and told me that those prices are before the jewelry, so they're really going to be much more. You live, you learn, people. The piercers lead Rachel to some dark back room (just like my mother always warned me about) and we actually have to watch them jam the needle through Rachel's stomach. Unfortunately, she doesn't scream or cry. This girl is no mortal. Pain doesn't touch her. She just moans a little through this big grin. Her friend looks terrified as Rachel says that it's stinging just a little. Rachel says she thinks her belly button ring is "cool." She says that her mother is going to be upset when she finds out, but Rachel doesn't plan on telling her.

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