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Melissa is My Unfunny Valentine

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Melissa is My Unfunny Valentine

Danny and Wes, the guy he was flirting with earlier, are in a bar with a group of people. In an interview, Danny says that Wes is one of the guys to whom he is honestly attracted, but he has Paul back home. Do you think Danny is trying to say that he's feeling conflicted about his relationship with Paul? I'm not sure. I wish they would show more footage of Danny talking about how he feels about the relationship. A stripper comes out at the bar and Danny appears confused, wondering how the stripper appeared, and it's all really weird. Then, one of the people in their group appears to be a member of the Dixie Chicks. Danny suggests going back to his place and getting in the hot tub, but he barely has the words "going back" out of his mouth before the Dixie Chick is all, "Yeah! Woo hoo! Great idea! Let's go! I'm going to be on camera!" Back at Belfort, the men are getting naked and getting into the hot tub. Danny says that all he is wearing is "a smile and the hair on [his] head." A tsunami of drool wipes out the Empire State Building and other major New York City landmarks. Wes does a cannonball into the hot tub. There are four guys and the Dixie Chick. In an interview, Danny says that he is sitting in a hot tub, and he realizes these guys are very attractive, and that they're probably attracted to him as well. That Danny, nothing gets by him. Danny says that "any time you mix alcohol and attractive people, things happen." Then there's a dramatic cut to commercial while we all ponder Danny and Paul's relationship. Will Danny cheat? I'm fretting here!

Back from commercial, Danny says in an interview that he started to sober up and realized that his guests have to go, and that he has to get out of the situation. Wow, they didn't wait long after the commercial to resolve that issue, did they? Everyone gets out and gets dressed and leaves. In an interview, Danny says he hasn't seen Paul in a few weeks and it's hard to be faithful. But do all the other men tempt Danny? I wish they would answer these hard-hitting questions. Danny goes upstairs and it's lights out.

Danny and Kelley are eating in the kitchen. Danny asks her, "If you're with somebody, is it wrong to fantasize about other people?" Kelley doesn't think it's wrong. Danny says he feels guilty, and that he wouldn't act on it. Dude, she said no. Kelley reassures Danny that that's the point of fantasy, and that it's not wrong at all, and that you have to do it. Danny says otherwise, it would be boring. Kelley says he's only human, of flesh and blood he's made. He's only human, born to make mistakes. Sorry, '80s flashback. Anyway, Danny says that makes him feel better. Kelley jokes, "Good, because it's all about you." Ha! Maybe Kelley could get a job as an MBTV recapper!

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