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Melanie Hates Everything

Willie opens a can of soup, and they seriously linger so long on the soup that I thought it was going to be a plot point. Like maybe Willie and Melanie get into an argument over whether or not the soup is condensed. Willie wants to add a can of water before heating it up, and Melanie says he should eat it right out of the can with no addition. What? Like there haven't been dumber arguments in the history of this show. Sarah walks into the kitchen and just yells, "Dorian, the guy who works at the gym." Yeah, what about him? Willie wants to know if he's gay, and Sarah says she doesn't know, but that he's cute. Karamo, grinning wide, interviews that Dorian signed them all up at the gym, and that he doesn't know Dorian that well. Karamo describes Dorian as "black, tall, and muscular." Karamo interviews that he's sexually frustrated, and that he needs the affection of a man "very, very soon." Karamo plays a videogame which my husband identifies as either Super Street Fighter 2, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, or Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Championship Edition. He suggests that I make it a poll, so I will, and you guys can let me know. Anyway, this videogame involves Karamo furiously pounding buttons to make two guys hump each other. Huh. Maybe I'll have to get into this game, once I find out what it is.

Karamo, Sarah, and Melanie go to the gym, which is called the Philadelphia Sports Clubs. Melanie agrees to go inside for a tour. Karamo introduces her to Dorian. In an interview, Karamo grins some more and sings out, "Doooooriaaaaaan! I like Dorian." Karamo is so cute when he has a crush. You can just feel the happiness. Dorian gives Melanie a tour of the facility, and Karamo tags along, even though he's presumably a member and already knows where everything is. Melanie signs up and they say goodbye. Outside, Melanie says that Dorian is cute, and that he and Karamo would be a good-looking couple. She teases Karamo about only going to the gym to see Dorian. Karamo denies it, laughing. Busted!

Melanie interviews that part of their job will be building a playground for kids. The roommates head to the Northern Home for Children and meet Donna and Laura. Sarah interviews that Northern Home works with kids in the community. Donna explains that many of the kids have "pretty upsetting backgrounds" but that they are "sponges for love," and that a smile will win them over. Willie interviews that the kids don't have much positivity or love in their lives, and that the roommates' job is really rewarding. The roommates play basketball with the kids. Landon interviews that he feels fortunate to be a part of this. MJ is really sweaty. Like his formerly light gray shirt is now dark gray with sweat. And I get that he was running around, but no one else is that sweaty. He should have just removed his shirt to play basketball. Then everyone wins!

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