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Meet the Roommates

The show opens with Keri's audition tape, where she tells us that she's from New Orleans, and she's twenty-one years old. Then she drinks some alcohol. I wish I were making that up, and that, according to Bunim-Murray, there is more to her personality than that, but it's true. Next up is Kyle, twenty-two, from Lake Bluff, Illinois; he's a senior at Princeton. Kyle is the jock Ivy League dude. Tonya is twenty-one, and from Walla Walla, Washington. I hope that she gets the opportunity to say "Walla Walla" at least once per episode, because it makes me laugh. Chris is twenty-four and from Boston, Massachusetts. Or possibly Brockton, Massachusetts. Somewhere in Massachusetts. Okay, I looked it up, and it is in fact, Brockton. I know you were all hanging on the edges of your seats for that information. Cara is twenty-two and from Boston. In her audition tape, Cara explains that she's been "known to be a little bit promiscuous at times." Okay, then. Aneesa thinks that sex is cool, depending on the person. She's nineteen and from Philly. Theo is nineteen years old and from Riverside, California. He also has freaky-ass eyes, which JenniCal claimed on the forums were hazel contacts, which makes sense. They look weird, though. At the airport, Theo's dad tells him to tip the skycap if he wants to get his bags in Chicago. Theo's dad is a preacher. As the airplane takes off, they play the line from "Alive" by P.O.D. that goes, "And I think I can fly." Subtle as always.

Tonya waits on the El tracks for her train. In an interview, Tonya explains that she's very scared because she's about to step out of her comfort zone, but she's also excited. The train arrives and Tonya steps on. In an interview, Theo explains that he was just "chilling" on the train, when a "cute white chick" got on with a "big-ass bag." They identified one another as roommates because of their luggage. And I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that camera crews surrounded them both. Nope. Tonya gets all of her bags onto the train; Theo offers to help. In an interview, Tonya says that her first reaction was that he was black, and that she hasn't had "a positive experience with interracial living" and that "black people intimidate [her]." Does that make her racist? I guess, by the strictest definition of the word. She judges people based on their race. But she was also really honest -- probably more honest than I would have been in that situation. So I'm withholding judgment on Tonya's attitudes toward race. Tonya tells Theo that she's from a small town in Washington called Walla Walla. To his credit, Theo doesn't laugh. In an interview, Theo says that because Tonya is from a small town, it will probably be "a trip" for her to live with black people, and he hopes that he's wrong.

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