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Matt Is a Dick, Part I

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Matt Is a Dick, Part I

Previously on The Real World, Ruthie drinks and falls over, Ruthie goes to the hospital, Ruthie drinks and drives, Ruthie gets an ultimatum from the producers. So this week's episode is about Ruthie drinking some more.

Ruthie's sisters arrive at the airport. Sara is her twin sister; Rachel is older. Ruthie says she is the loud one, Sara is the weird one, and Rachel is the mom. Ruthie also says she doesn't tell her sisters everything. They pick up their rental car and drive to the house. Meeting the sisters, Annoying is amazed (because they're twins?). Wonder Bread is in the middle of brushing his teeth, but he runs out to say hi anyway, and hugs Sara with foam in his mouth like a rabid dog (which is appropriate, since he's usually foaming at the mouth over women). WB has also gotten a new hair style that makes him look like Michael Douglas in Falling Down. The whole gang goes out to (where else?) a bar.

At the bar, WB and Rachel talk about Ruthie. Rachel says Ruthie has no self-esteem and always has to be the life of the party, and that Ruthie is going to crash soon, while we see shots of Ruthie lolling about drunkenly. So, articles in People not withstanding, Ruthie's behavior on the show was not an anomaly if her sister knew about it from before.

They all grab a cab home, and Ruthie is complaining loudly that her camera is missing. She continues to yell all the way home, and Teck tells us she even hit the cab driver; I hope they tipped him well. At home, Ruthie tries to pick up some decoration and throw it, but it's too heavy and Justin stops her. Instead, she goes in the house and throws a glass on the floor, breaking it. This is the last straw for Teck, and he goes off. He tells Ruthie that she's got to stop "acting like a fool," and adds, "You're beautiful, but just act right." Furthermore, he tells her she's a grown-up and needs to stop acting like a child. I'd like to point out that I think this is the first honest display of emotion we've seen from Teck all season. Annoying confides that they all agree with what Teck is saying, but don't have the guts to say it to Ruthie. Justin and Matt sweep up the glass and Colin pokes his head out of his room. Finally, Teck stops and Ruthie goes out to the balcony (which I've never seen before; where did it come from?). They kind of set the broken glass on top of the garbage can. That looks safe.

Now begins a series of ridiculous, melodramatic, starkly-lit interviews with the King of All Wonder Bread. When I tell you the words he spoke, you must imagine them in a monotone, with lots of dramatic pauses after each word, and the occasional cracking of his voice to indicate emotion. I never knew it was possible for one person to take himself so seriously. At first, I think he is reading a poem at Local Motion like Tetanus Girl did last week. Then they show him, all backlit, and I realize he is speaking to the camera. He says, "I sense the torture in Ruthie's soul. I see a person who's desperate. I see a person who's so low, I'm afraid of the consequences of leaving her alone." Please note that all of those sentences started with the word "I"; as we will learn, WB is a lot more concerned with himself than he is with Ruthie.

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