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Making Excuses

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Making Excuses

Hey, the roommates are working! At their actual job! Wearing their dorky uniforms! I was wondering what was up with their job. Frankie and Jamie fold up a sail while Cameran and Robin sit nearby and whisper-gossip about Frankie hooking up with Adam. Cameran thinks that Frankie's "a little freak" and calls her "Frankie the Freaknik." They try to make it out like Frankie can overhear the conversation, but since we never see them all in the same shot, I tend to think that Frankie was nowhere near Cameran and Robin. Robin thinks that Frankie's got issues (like you're one to talk, jailbird), and Cameran thinks that Frankie just needs to be hugged.

The roommates arrive at the marina and step onto the dock. Cameran and Robin walk along and continue their discussion. Robin says that she doesn't like Adam because he's "a cocky little son of a bitch." Cameran interviews that Adam has "no personality and basically is just like a walking vegetable." But what about the time he...and the time that he...yeah, Cameran's totally right. Adam, for all his body modification and modern primitive aesthetic, is boring. Cameran complains about Adam's earlobes, calling them disgusting. Cameran tells Robin that she doesn't understand why Adam brings his whole crew of friends every time he comes over. Robin thinks Adam is trying to deflect attention from him and Frankie. Why? For the cameras? That won't work. And does anyone else care if Frankie and Adam hook up? Good theory there, Robin. Cameran points out that Frankie said that when she's drunk, she does stupid things. Robin interviews that someone should tell Frankie that everyone is sick of hearing how she's in love with Dave, right before she goes and makes out with Adam.

Frankie calls Adam on the phone and says that she's in a bad mood. Adam asks what's wrong, and Frankie says that she's probably done some things that Dave won't be happy about. Who cares? What is he, your conscience? Now I'm picturing Dave in a little Jiminy Cricket outfit. Hee. With the top hat and the spats and the walking stick? Hee hee. Frankie interviews that she remembers sitting outside with Adam and "getting a little kissy," and "things get groggy at about that point." I hope I never hear Frankie use the word "groggy" again, because shut up, Frankie. Adam says that he doesn't think Frankie has done anything that bad, and Frankie agrees, but says that Dave won't be happy. Frankie interviews that she prays "that Dave will be understanding and forgiving of this whole damn situation." See? She's still not taking responsibility for what happened. She says, "this situation" instead of "my mistakes." If she doesn't think she made a mistake, then she shouldn't be so mopey and apologetic. And if she does think she made a mistake, then she should own it. Bleh.

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