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Love Hangover

Sarah and MJ horse around in the kitchen. MJ interviews that he and Sarah flirt constantly. If that's what you want to call flirting. It's pathetic. Sarah says that she showed MJ her boobs, and MJ agrees that she did. I don't know. Sarah interviews that she doesn't know what she wants with MJ, because she knows she doesn't want a boyfriend, but she wants him to be there. She wants attention. It's that simple. And to her, sexual attention equals approval and validation. It doesn't take a psychology degree to figure that one out. MJ interviews that he and Sarah have hooked up a few times, and that they don't have feelings for each other, because they're just having fun.

Sarah, Landon, and MJ get into the hot tub. I still haven't quite figured out why they have two small hot tubs instead of one big one. Sarah is wearing a bikini and a giant Russian-style white fur hat. MJ calls her Ivana. Sarah interviews that Ivana is her Swedish alter ego who loves white bikinis, vodka, and furry white hats. That's the first semblance of personality shown by Sarah that I actually find interesting, or funny.

Willie yells that there's a phone call for MJ; MJ wants Willie to take a message. Sarah leaps out of the hot tub to take the call, which is apparently on a videophone. Sarah talks to Jordan, MJ's friend, in her Ivana persona. She really shouldn't wear a bikini top, because you can totally see the edges of her implants and it's gross. Sarah tells MJ that Jordan is on the phone, and MJ's like, "Oh, shit." Landon interviews that MJ didn't want Jordan to meet Sarah, and Landon thinks that's emblematic of how MJ views his relationship with Sarah. Sarah tells Jordan how she showed MJ her boobs. MJ leans into the videophone and convinces Sarah (not that it takes much) to show Jordan her boobs. MJ interviews that he and Sarah have only hooked up when they are both drunk, and that he doesn't want a relationship. They head back to the hot tub while Melanie stands and stares. Melanie interviews that Sarah is wild when she's sober, and that when she's drunk, "she does things to attract attention, like, more intensely than she normally would." Heh. It's nice to know that the roommates realize Sarah's M.O. as well.

Melanie and Sarah talk in a bedroom. Melanie interviews that it's fun to be flirty, but that Sarah is over the top. Sarah interviews that she knows that she has issues surrounding sex. Sarah tells Melanie that she has things in her past that made her the way that she is. In what looks like her audition tape, Sarah explains that her first boyfriend raped her, but that she didn't tell anyone. Until now. So it kind of sucks that anyone who knows her now thinks that guy's a rapist, unless of course he is a rapist. I have mixed feelings on that one. Anyway, Sarah wonders if Melanie can now understand it better. Melanie interviews that Sarah needs attention because of her past, and always wants to be in control of her sexual situations.

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