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Previously on The Real World: Jo went to court. She likes her David Cross-looking friend, Steve. Rachel is a Republican. Judd considers himself to be a "bed-wetting liberal." I'm sure the first half of that statement is correct.

Rachel smells some flowers, and finds out they aren't for her. Steve sent them to Jo. "I don't envy you at all, man," Rachel laughs into her coffee mug. I guess Jo's going to have to let Steve down this week. It shouldn't be too hard, since I'm pretty sure she's misunderstanding things and that Steve's just waiting for Mr. Right. Pam asks whether Steve's "too nice" for Jo. Rachel says that it's not that Steve's "too nice," but that he's "too nice for not being a boyfriend." I'm not sure what that means. Jo says she likes to get flowers.

Dinner. Someone plays with an avocado slice. Rachel asks whether anyone wants to come to her Republican conference the next day. It's pretty quiet as Rachel lists the playbill of Republican attendees. Rachel tells us it'd be a great opportunity to gain "a little insight" into who Rachel really is. Judd tells us he can't imagine what it'll be like, with all of those "button-down conservative types" and Rachel. Judd tells us he has a "hunch" that the men at the conference won't be too upset to see Rachel. Why does Judd always bring it back to Rachel dating people? He hates anyone else getting laid. He even hates Republican sex. That boy's got some problems.

I'm not really sure what's going on all of a sudden, but after some San Francisco establishing shots, we see Jo and Steve poring over some Shakespeare. He's making her read it, and she's complaining about having to read it. She tells us that she has finals next week, and that she hasn't been studying. Cut to Jo dictating a list of supplies she needs Steve to buy for her. One of them is a "hole punch." Cory starts teasing Jo for treating Steve like her father: "Dad! I need this and I need this!" Jo says that she doesn't have her dad there, so she has Steve. Steve just nods his head, thinking about a sketch he'll do with Odenkirk in a few years. Jo tells us that Steve is like her little brother and her dad. Ew. She says that he can be a little overbearing, but that, for the most part, she can handle it. I can't handle all of this excitement. Jo plots out her studying strategy for Steve. Riveting. Jo gives up immediately, and gets on the phone to drop her English class. Everyone says she shouldn't drop her class, but I guess she just did.

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