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Like Bread Crumbs in Meat Loaf

The roommates cheer and scream. It turns out that Tonya got accepted into that financial program at the hospital, and her entire debt has been forgiven. Dude. That just doesn't seem right. She's able-bodied and young. I could see deferring it or something, like a student loan, until she can get a decent job. But just forgiving the debt? What's up with that? That should be reserved for like, chronically ill or terminal patients who are physically unable to work. In an interview, Keri says that it's great to see Tonya get that letter, because she doesn't have anyone to turn to when she's broke. Except Darren. Or the people who read, where Tonya posted a letter saying that she didn't really want people's donations towards her hospital bills, but if they really wanted to send her money, she would provide an address. I mean, first of all, anyone dumb enough to send her money probably deserves to be scammed, but now that we know that all of her debts were forgiven, that's just wrong. And kind of criminal. Tonya calls Justin and tells him (hee! I just typed "her" in reference to Justin which is oddly appropriate) about the debt forgiveness. Justin talks in his womanly voice that I have a hard time listening to because it makes me uncomfortable. In an interview, Tonya says that she feels like "all that [she's] been working for has paid off." Working how? Working Darren? Tonya purrs to Justin that "good things do happen to good people." Gah. I hate them both.

Next week: Chris and Kyle participate in a fashion show. Kyle and Keri get in a big fight when Keri says that she's not going to protect Kyle's image on camera anymore. Yeah! Go, Keri! Bring down the Mangina!

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