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Like Bread Crumbs in Meat Loaf

Tonya is home now. She tells Aneesa that she came out of surgery asking for Big Macs. Aneesa asks if they got anything. Tonya says that they had to leave a couple of stones, but that the big ones are gone. So she did have surgery on her kidneys? Because that's not what she said in the book. Or are we supposed to think that while the surgeons were all up in her business, they decided to check out her cervix too? I don't think that's how it works. In an interview, Aneesa says that she and Tonya have been through a journey where they have both become stronger. In an interview, Tonya says that her friendship with Aneesa shows that people can change and grow. And lie.

Aneesa and LaTonia debate whether they should go out. LaTonia is one of those "I don't know, what do you want to do?" people. I hate that. I'm sure people get annoyed with me for being bossy, but I seriously cannot stand indecision, especially in a group setting. They finally decide to go to some club, and Danielle is there. I think Danielle wears a wig. In an interview, Aneesa says that she really likes Danielle. Aneesa totally ditches LaTonia to dance with Danielle. Danielle wants Aneesa to come home with her. Aneesa says that she has a ride. In an interview, Aneesa says that LaTonia is a nice person, but she's no Danielle. Aneesa sits on the sidelines with LaTonia until Danielle walks over. Danielle is like an abusive husband in the way she manipulates Aneesa. In an interview, Aneesa says that Danielle has shown her that looks aren't everything, and that the person with the prettiest face can belong to the ugliest person at times. She's just learning that at the age of nineteen? Danielle and LaTonia both leave without Aneesa.

At home, Aneesa talks to Kyle and Chris about how she just lost two people. Kyle wants to know if Danielle was the love of Aneesa's life. It would be funny if Aneesa said they had a fairy-tale love, just to fuck with Kyle. But she doesn't. Aneesa can't explain it. Kyle and Chris think that Aneesa just latched on. Aneesa agrees that since she didn't have her mom and didn't know anyone, she was needy. Aneesa says, "I need, and need, and need, and blah." I know the feeling, especially that last part. In an interview, Chris says that he has tried to point out relationship patterns to Aneesa. What is he, Dr. Phil all of a sudden? Aneesa says that she realizes that she did the same thing to LaTonia that Danielle did to Aneesa. Kyle thinks that Aneesa kind of used LaTonia. Aneesa agrees; now, she has no one. Kyle says that Aneesa needs to go home alone anyway. Does that mean that the season is almost over? I definitely perked up there. In an interview, Chris psychobabbles something else about destructive relationships and I liked Chris a lot better when he didn't speak. In an interview, Aneesa says that she's not going to get into any relationships when she gets home, and she's going to work on her relationship with her mother.

Aneesa talks to her mom on the phone and cries. Aneesa voice-overs that she just wants her mom to love her. Aneesa's mom wonders what she has to do to convince Aneesa of her love. Aneesa says that she knows her mom loves her. In an interview, Aneesa says that sometimes she cries because her mother doesn't accept her. Aneesa's mom thinks that Aneesa is crying because she doesn't want to come home, and Aneesa says that she does want to come home. They hang up. In an interview, Aneesa cries and cries and says that she wishes that her mom would understand that Aneesa is trying to be her own person and live for herself. And...Aneesa's story arc is complete for the season, so I guess we won't be seeing much more of her.

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