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Like Bread Crumbs in Meat Loaf

Tonya calls the hospital again. In a confessional, Tonya says that she's having surgery on Monday, and she seems waaaaay too excited about it. Almost like she's excited to have surgery because it will get her attention. But, no. That's crazy talk. Tonya asks the woman at the hospital what she needs, and the woman says that because Tonya is uninsured, she needs to pay in advance. In an interview, Tonya says that it's "sickening" how much health care costs. Tonya immediately gets back on the phone and dials up Daddy Darren. In an interview, Tonya explains again that Darren is "a photographer" who is "very much, like, a computer nerd and has no social interaction." Wow. I say a prayer every night that as soon as this aired, Darren not only cut Tonya off, but he also sued her for the money she's about to ask from him. Tonya explains that she needs money to have surgery. Darren says that he could use a credit card. Tonya tells him to claim that he's a family member. Why? What does the hospital care where the money comes from as long as they get their money? Just another one of Tonya's lies, probably. Darren says he'll take care of it. Tonya hangs up the phone and stretches like a cat, and totally checks out her own ass while sticking her fake boobs in the air. She is really a piece of work. If Justin, the love of her life, cared about her, why couldn't he help her? Why couldn't Tonya get her own goddamn credit card and use a cash advance? Sure, the interest rate sucks, but if this surgery is so important to her health, it would be worth it. I don't think Darren is her pimp anymore. He's clearly a sad sack who Tonya gave sexual favors to, and now manipulates for her own evil purposes.

Aneesa and Tonya discuss when Tonya has to be at the hospital. Tonya worries that she's being a nuisance. CJP assures Tonya that this is what roommates do for each other. The next morning, Aneesa drives Tonya to the hospital. Aneesa is actually very caring. In an interview, Tonya says that she hopes this is the last time she will have to be in the hospital. Aneesa walks into the hospital and reveals that she volunteered at a hospital back home. Tonya checks in. In an interview, Tonya says that the surgery is to take out her kidney stones and find any other source of infection. Okay. In the book about this season, Tonya says, "The surgery got to the source of the problem. It ended up I had fibrous cysts on my cervix. But had those infections not been cleared up, I would have gone into renal failure" (p. 66). Admittedly, I have only had high-school biology, and I'm sure if I'm wrong, I'll get emails about it. But as far as I understand, cysts are not infections. Also, the cervix is part of the reproductive system, and "renal failure" refers to the kidneys, which are part of the excretory system. The two are not really connected. It's like Tonya thinks that since it all ends up coming out of her cooter, it's all the same thing. Is she that dumb? Or is she just making shit up? Obviously, she had surgery. I don't doubt that she had cysts removed; that's actually a fairly common outpatient procedure. But that should have nothing to do with her bladder infections and kidneys. I don't know. I just have a hard time believing anything she says anymore. Tonya tells Aneesa that they are going to "pull some stones" and take biopsies. Aneesa assures Tonya that she'll be fine. In an interview, Aneesa says that surgery is scary, and that it's good to have a friend with you. Tonya and Aneesa are ushered into the ward.

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