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Like Bread Crumbs in Meat Loaf

The roommates stand outside the tent where they will perform their skit. Aneesa is accompanied by LaTonia. Oh, dear. It's not that LaTonia's ugly, really. If she did something with her hair, or wore a little makeup, or...I don't know. I hate to be all Beauty Myth about it. Aneesa calls Kyle over and introduces him to LaTonia. In an interview, Kyle says that when he met LaTonia, he didn't really care because he figured he would just be meeting someone else in a few weeks. In case you didn't get the point, the song on the soundtrack says, "She's just the flavor of the week!" The roommates get into costume for their performance. Kyle asks Aneesa if LaTonia's presence means that things are over with Danielle. Aneesa says that she doesn't know how to end things. In an interview, Aneesa says that she doesn't know why she can't let Danielle go, and for some reason, the bad girl keeps her interested.

In an interview, Theo says that the whole incident was partly his fault. What incident? Oh, they're going to explain. Apparently, Danielle came to the door, and Theo told her that Aneesa was across the street at the coffee shop. What Theo didn't know was that LaTonia was there as well. Theo meets up with Aneesa on the street and apologizes, but Aneesa doesn't seem all that concerned, which makes me think that Aneesa probably knew Danielle would be coming by and set the whole thing up. In an interview, Theo says that Aneesa isn't very good at the whole player thing. Or maybe she is! Aneesa tells Theo that she didn't know Danielle was going to show up. Theo asks if Aneesa will be really upset if she's not in a relationship right now. Aneesa says that she's never been alone. In an interview, Theo says that Aneesa needs someone to love her and hug her, because she never had a father. So, are her problems due to her mother, or her father? Because different roommates have proposed each one, and I'm a little confused. Could it just be that Aneesa is immature?

Aneesa gets into a car with LaTonia; she says she knows that the whole situation was messed up, and that she felt like a player whose two girls met accidentally. LaTonia is silent. Aneesa says that she doesn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings, but she seems only to be able to have extreme relationships right now. Either she hooks up with someone who is too nice to her, or someone who is not nice at all. Of course, she's saying all of this to LaTonia, who should just tell Aneesa to fuck right off. Remember earlier when I said that Aneesa should write to the Vine? Screw that. LaTonia needs to write in.

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