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Like Bread Crumbs in Meat Loaf

Aneesa and her girlfriend Danielle walk down the street. Aneesa says that she's been with Danielle two and a half months (she has?), and that it's nice to be with someone steady. In an interview, Aneesa says that her communication with Danielle sucks. Aneesa gets dressed, and Danielle yells at her about what she's wearing. In an interview, Aneesa says that Danielle is bossy, and that Aneesa hates being ordered around. So tell her? Aneesa says that it makes her feel stupid and really young. So dump her. I don't have much sympathy for Aneesa, either. At Danielle's apartment, Danielle picks up a video camera and orders Aneesa to touch herself and show her panties. Aneesa resists and Danielle orders her around some more. Dude, that's just fucking creepy. And surreal, when you consider that there are video cameras taping Danielle taping Aneesa with a video camera. Also? Danielle is not that pretty. I think Aneesa could do much better. In an interview, Aneesa says that Danielle "has attitude and style and she's very sexy." She does? And she is? Aneesa and Danielle make out. In an interview, Aneesa says that she doesn't know why she stays with Danielle, and she thinks she's the most scared of losing Danielle.

Aneesa calls some chick named LaTonia on the phone and speaks Spanish to her. In an interview, Aneesa says that she and LaTonia are friends, and she thinks LaTonia gives her everything that Danielle does not. On the phone, Aneesa asks LaTonia to pick up her shoes. Heh. I thought it was going to be a sex thing or something, but really, LaTonia runs errands for Aneesa. In an interview, Aneesa says that LaTonia knows about Danielle.

Aneesa talks to CJP and Keri, who are lying in bed. Wait, I thought CJP and Keri hated each other. Haven't they seen last week's episode? They shouldn't be hanging out together. Aneesa says that she and Danielle don't look in each other's eyes when they fuck. Probably because Danielle has seen Aneesa on the toilet and she can't look her in the face anymore. In an interview, CJP says that she's trying to get Aneesa to understand that Danielle isn't that great. Aneesa complains that Danielle just tells her to get naked instead of being romantic. CJP nods like she totally knows what Aneesa is talking about. Keri just looks puzzled. In an interview, Keri says that Aneesa goes out with Danielle, who is "bossy and forceful," because Aneesa's mom is the same way. Aneesa says that she admires Danielle's style, and wants to steal all of Danielle's clothes and shoes out of her closet. Maybe it's because I've never been in a relationship with another woman, but that seems a little less loving and a little more Single White Female. CJP asks what Aneesa admires about Danielle other than her clothes. Aneesa can't come up with anything. In an interview, Aneesa says that no one wants to admit that she has been dating the wrong person for the last two and a half months. Maybe so, but she should cut her losses before it turns into two and a half years, because then it will be even more difficult. I think Aneesa needs to write into the Vine and have Sars tell her what's what.

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