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Like Bread Crumbs in Meat Loaf

Aneesa talks on the phone to her mom about her father. In an interview, Aneesa says that her mother told Aneesa's father that Aneesa was "going through a little phase," and hasn't really told Aneesa's father that Aneesa is gay. Aneesa asks her mother to tell Aneesa's father to call Aneesa. Does Aneesa not have her father's phone number? I'm assuming her parents are no longer together. In an interview, Aneesa says that she needs to talk to her father so that he can find out that she's gay before everyone else (read: the world) does. Well, that's nice, but maybe she could have thought about that before she went on the show. Aneesa's mother doesn't agree with this plan. And that's putting it mildly. Aneesa's mom doesn't think it's appropriate for Aneesa to tell her father over the phone. They end up hanging up on each other and Aneesa stomps down the hall. In an interview, Aneesa says that her mom despises her gayness, and Aneesa wishes that she would get accustomed to it.

Chris asks Aneesa if he can talk about his own experiences coming out to his parents. Chris's mom told him to talk to the family priest, and given the scandals among the priesthood today, that advice seems more than a little ironic. Now, Chris's mom loves him unconditionally. In an interview, Chris says he was trying to let Aneesa know that things do get better. Chris asks Aneesa if she's ever tried to have anyone intervene in her conversations with her mother. Aneesa says that if they went to therapy, they would just yell, and Aneesa would leave the room. The weird thing about Chris is that he shows no emotion in his voice when he speaks. Chris asks Aneesa what she's scared of, and whether she's scared of moving out on her own. Aneesa whispers that she doesn't know what she's scared of, and starts crying. Chris is kind of creepy.

Tonya sorts through her medical bills. In an interview, Tonya says that most people her age have credit card debt because they shop too much, but she has "endless medical debt," and feels like it's not her fault. Except that she doesn't bother getting a job that might provide health insurance, or making sure that, as someone with a chronic health condition, she will be covered by her current insurance while she's in Chicago. Tonya calls the hospital's financial services to discuss the Patient Assistance Program. In an interview, Tonya explains that the program either makes your minimum payments lower, or pays off your bills entirely. Tonya tells the customer-service worker that she called to ask for an application for the program, but hasn't received it yet, and the woman promises to mail it. Tonya checks the balance on her account, and it turns out that she currently owes over $13,000 total. ["What percentage of that debt does her rack represent, I wonder?" -- Wing Chun] I want to sympathize with her plight. I really do. But I just can't help wondering about the necessity of an emergency room visit, which is always going to be more expensive than just going to the doctor. In an interview, Tonya cries some more about how hard her life is and boo hoo hoooooo! And did you know she's a foster child?

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