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Previously on The Real World: Irulan confessed to her boyfriend Gabe that she had "kissed" Alton. The roommates found out they were going to Australia. Alton was excited to find out there were single women in Australia, which pissed Irulan off. She was also pissed off that Alton decided to room with the boys. She was? I don't remember seeing that last week. Maybe it was in the three minutes I missed because MTV started the episode early.

The women sunbathe topless. Arissa says she feel liberated. In an interview, Arissa says she's doing things she never thought she'd do, and that the trip will be "a stepping stone to change." If I hear Arissa say the word "change" one more time, I don't know what I will do. She's worse than Cara last season with the constantly talking about things she knows she has to do, but then never actually doing them. Alton approaches. In an interview, Alton says that Irulan is mad at him for rooming with the boys instead of her, and she thinks he's going to hook up with all of the girls on the island. In an interview, Brynn says that Irulan and Alton seem a little cold with each other.

Irulan tells Arissa, "Four days of Temptation Island is more than, like, everything this has led up to be? Then, like, you know?" She has been spending too much time with Alton because now she's talking nonsense just like he does. In an interview, Irulan emotionally states that Alton's rooming with the boys makes her feel like she's getting shafted again. Actually, the point is that she's not getting shafted, right? And also, it's really difficult for me to feel bad about Alton dissing Irulan when she has a boyfriend. I know she and Gabe have an open relationship, but can you really blame Alton for not making Irulan his #1 priority when he clearly isn't hers? Arissa tells Irulan that she's been burned by Alton more than once. Irulan says she's "not feeding into it," and that she told Alton that they're done. Good! Well, I guess this episode is pretty much over, right? It's not like Irulan would take that back.

The roommates are going to take camel rides on the beach. I have to say that when I think Australia, I don't really think camels. In an interview, Frank says that he's having the best time, and every day he does something he's never done before. The roommates ride their camels down the beach. Whoo! That was exciting.

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