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Let's All Gang Up On Annoying!

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Let's All Gang Up On Annoying!

Previously on Real World: Annoying picks up the middle-aged keyboard player for a local band, and he spends the night. Wonder Bread says, "Every time a guy is presented to our household, Amaya falls for him. How does one's heart go from man to man so easily?" I wonder why he can't talk like a normal human being. Maybe he's been hanging around Tetanus Girl too much -- but wait, that comes later. Annoying talks to her parents on the phone about Ruthie. Ruthie tells us that Annoying is shutting her out. Annoying says Ruthie is being petty and lame.

Colin has another friend visiting. Have you noticed that Colin and Ruthie are the only ones who have friends come to visit? If I were in Hawaii, I think all of my friends would come out, you know? Anyway, Colin is showing him around the house, and we find out the visitor's name is Tony and that he and Colin have known one another since the sixth grade. Colin introduces Tony to Annoying. Big mistake. Huge. In a confessional, Annoying says, "Tony's cute. He's got that lean, almost swimmery [sic]-looking physique." Tony and Colin are getting the surfboards to go hit the beach and Annoying is hanging out in the hammock, watching them. Boy, she's not subtle at all, is she? She tells us that she's getting "wonderful, wonderful vibrations" from Tony and then says, "Oh my God, that sounds sooooo bad!" I can't believe she actually has a sense of shame after last week's vaginal blister episode. I mean, I would far rather say that someone gave me good vibrations than discuss genitalia problems. Colin and Tony head off to the beach and I notice that carved on the railing, it says "R (HEART) K." Is that Ruthie loves Kaia? Did Ruthie do that when she was drunk one night?

Tony and Colin surf. Little girls squeal at the sight of Colin with no shirt. In a confessional, Colin says that his advice to Tony regarding Annoying was, "Yeah" (as he makes a big thumbs-up sign and then turns it upside down) "Not really! She is a big negative. Don't do it."

Ruthie is on the phone with Malo, who invites Ruthie over to pick up a present. Ruthie tries to guess what the present is while Teck totally listens in on the conversation. These people need to get a cordless phone so they can go hide in the closet while on the phone or something. I know the producers can tap the phone lines. I wonder if they can also read e-mail? They must. I'm surprised that hasn't come up. Anyway, Ruthie guesses that Malo got her a car and then agrees to come over and see what it is. Teck says he wants nothing to do with Malo, and hopes she and Ruthie are happy, unless of course Malo flirts with him. I think the crew cracked up when Teck said that. That's the last time we see Teck until the closing credits. Ruthie goes to Malo's apartment and Malo gives her a CD single of the song "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer. Anyway, Ruthie plays the CD and they lie in bed and talk without making any sense, as usual. Then Ruthie gets up and tells us in a voice-over that any relationship is out of the question right now, and she leaves the building. Also, Malo looks exactly like Laura Ballard from Homicide.

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