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Land Down Under

Thanks to MTV's refusal to start an episode at the specified time, I missed the first few minutes of the episode. But I think it's safe to say that, previously, Trishelle and Steven had a lot of sex, and the roommates sucked at their job.

When the recording starts, Trishelle and Brynn are in the bathroom discussing Steven's feelings. In an interview, Trishelle says that Steven might not want to admit that he has feelings for her, but she'll admit that she has feelings for him. Cut to Steven telling some woman about his ex-wife; he says that they'd probably still be together if they hadn't gotten married. In an interview, Steven says that he sees marriage as "a finale," and wishes he had just lived with his wife instead of marrying her.

The roommates all hang out in a bar and drink. Trishelle sits on Steven's lap and asks what he wants. He names a few drinks, and she keeps telling him, "Wrong answer." Finally he gets it and says, "I want you!" Then Trishelle giggles like that wasn't what she was trying to manipulate him into saying all along. In an interview, Steven says he was really drunk. Cut to Steven and Trishelle making out in the bar, like, get a room! Preferably one without cameras, if possible.

Steven and Trishelle snuggle in bed. I said, without cameras! Trishelle and Steven whisper to each other. In an interview, Trishelle says, "Steven tells me he loves me and my heart just drops." Funny, my stomach did the same thing. In bed, Steven and Trishelle start doing it. So I guess he wasn't that drunk.

At the gym, Steven tells Frank that he thinks he told Trishelle he loved her. Frank laughs and says, "That's the worst thing I've ever heard!" I'm going to assume he's referring to the situation it creates for them.

Trishelle and Arissa walk down the hall. Arissa says that a "drunk person speaks a sober mind." Trishelle doesn't believe that, but Arissa points out that you can say things when you're drunk that you can't say sober. That's true, but in my experience, a lot of people are also a lot more willing to say or do whatever they have to in order to get laid when they're drunk, because they have no shame. Ask my friend who got drunk and started showing off how she could do a split to impress a bunch of guys. Trishelle says that she asked Steven about it later, and he said he does love her, and then she asked him again later, and he said, "I love being with you." Clearly, he was starting to sober up by that last round. In an interview, Arissa says that Trishelle just wants to be loved, and that Trishelle and Steven are both looking for love.

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