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Previously on The Real World: Irulan and Arissa yelled at Frank, and Frank said that he didn't want to get involved in drama. Is it even possible to be on this show and not get involved in drama? Marc, the boss for the season, told the roommates that their job would be to throw parties. Irulan thought that Marc could become a really good friend. Why? He's grody.

You all assume that there are just a million shots of people gambling every week and I don't mention it because there are a million of them, right? Cool. Arissa and Irulan (I just wrote Irissa and Arulan, which is kind of appropriate since I can finally tell those two apart, but they're always together so it doesn't really matter) have drinks with Marc. Who is grody. There is just not a more appropriate word for him than that. He's double-chinned; needs a shave -- and not in a sexy stubble way, but in a coming-off-a-three-day-bender way; wears yellow glasses that make him look like he's in the advanced stages of liver failure (and the bloating's not helping matters); and to top it off (literally) he's wearing a black stocking cap, but doesn't have it pulled down far enough, so it looks like his head is gigantic, which it may be. In an interview, Irulan says that Marc is her best boss "to date." She clarifies that she doesn't mean she wants to date him. She meant up until this point.

Marc asks about Arisssa's boyfriend, and she says he's named Dario. Marc asks if Dario is a hottie, like, does he want to hook up with him? Because she can't stand someone else getting attention, Irulan tosses out that her boyfriend is a hottie. Marc jokes that all of Irulan's other boyfriends are hotties, too. In an interview, Irulan reminds us that she and Gabe (her boyfriend) have an open relationship, and she describes what they have as "a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy." Because that's working out so well with the gays in the military. Also, isn't she kind of violating that by being on this show? He might not ask, but I'm sure by watching the show, he is essentially being told. Irulan says that she's not worried about it, because she knows that no other woman could be better than her, because she and Gabe "have love." Arissa looks at Irulan like she's nuts, which earns Arissa some points in my book. You know, in my mind, if you truly love each other, you really won't be interested in dating other people. And if you're interested in dating other people, then the two of you shouldn't be together right now. Neither option is wrong, but it doesn't make sense to me to try to have both at the same time. But I'm big into monogamy, so what do I know from open relationships? In an interview, Irulan says that no one understands her open relationship. Could that be because it doesn't make sense? Irulan says that her boyfriend asked her not to hook up with anyone in the house. Marc points out that he's not in the house, and invites Irulan to come watch porn with him, then asks her to sit in his lap. Do those pickup lines actually work for him? I guess his job might get him some chicks, but again, the grody factor overrides it for me. Marc says that he's trying to give Irulan bedroom eyes. Irulan giggles some more.

Frank talks to a friend on the phone. He says that the other roommates make him look like the Pope. I could make a Pope joke here, but I think that dude's got enough problems right now. Frank says that Arissa is a dork, and she yells at him to stop calling her names. In an interview, Frank says that he and Arissa joke around, and that Arissa pretends to get mad when she's really not. Frank says something about how he "made this black chick mad, and she's totally going to beat me up." Why does it matter that she's black? Does he think that black chicks are more likely to beat him up? I think Frank has some issues he needs to examine. Arissa just continues to do the dishes. Frank pretends he's yelling at Arissa, "You're the bitchy black chick, okay? Accept your position." Weird editing there in that we didn't actually see Frank while those words were being said, and they sounded like they were taken out of context. I'm just saying. Now, I took that to mean that he was telling Arissa that her role on the show was going to be as the bitchy black chick, a title she inherits from such former roommates as Tami, Kameelah, and Coral. I'm not saying those women are bitches. I'm just saying that they are black, and during their seasons, they were often portrayed as being bitchy. We all know that there are Real World archetypes by now, and one of them is the bitchy black chick. Like Frank is the naïve sheltered dork from a small town (see also: Jon, London Mike, NY2 Mike). But Arissa -- probably due to her past experiences -- doesn't see it that way. In an interview, Arissa says, "He says, 'You're the black bitch of the house. That's your role. You play the role of the black bitch.' I'm very pissed. I'm offended." So unless Frank said something similar that we didn't see at another point, she didn't hear it exactly as it was said. Which is always the root of a good blow-out. (See also: Survivor Thailand.)

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