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We open with a shot of what look like prayer flags hanging from a clothesline, as the onscreen text tells us the setting is "Nagarkot Ridge, Nepal." So we're still in Nepal, huh? At least it's not like the current season of Road Rules, where they were in South Africa for, like, ten episodes in a row. I think this is the last Nepal episode. The roommates climb up on a ridge to watch the sun come up, as the lyrics to the background song say, "Watch the sun come up." How do they find these songs? Rebecca tells Irene she feels like "straight up turning Buddha right now." She goes on to say that she's not scared of heights or anything, but she is scared of people. Nathan and Irene laugh at her. Hey, I'm scared of people! Well, I wouldn't say scared. Easily intimidated. Suddenly, I'm relating to Rebecca, even though she did say that dumb Buddha thing a minute ago.

Rebecca walks into a building of some sort as we see a confessional where she admits that she's been feeling "tortured" by having to live with six other people who point out her insecurities, thus magnifying them. Oh, so this is the "Rebecca becomes comfortable with herself" episode. A growth episode, if you will. I hope there are a few fights thrown in for balance. The other roommates follow Rebecca into the building, and the guide explains that it is a blessing for "non-married people." I'm sure that means "virgins." Or, it would if it were an American religious blessing.

Nathan rings a bell while Stephen records the sound. In an interview, Stephen tells us that their job in Nepal is to make six ads for REI, using natural sound. They are going to record the sounds now, and organize them when they get back. Or at least, that's the plan. Stephen records some Nepalese children saying "Welcome to Nepal" in English and then laughing really stiffly. So, it's not really "natural sound" so much as "Stephen telling people to make unnatural sounds." Like, do you think those schoolchildren run around saying "Welcome to Nepal" in English all the livelong day? Anyway, Kelsey (the REI promotional director) wants them to talk about what they are doing. In an interview, David explains who Kelsey is, for the illiterate viewers who couldn't just read the on-screen text. Kelsey says David will "set the tone" of the commercials with his intro, which he and Stephen are recording. In an interview, Stephen says he doesn't "want to seem like a jerk" (too late!) but he thinks they should earn the trip by making the commercials top-notch. Well, that's a noble sentiment. But then he ruins it by saying that he has made himself "executive director." Oh, dear. This probably won't turn out well. David kicks back with a microphone, and says he is "literally at the top of the world right now. It's very, very peaceful. It's like nothing [he's] ever known." If he was any more laid-back, he'd be comatose. I'm not saying he has to be all "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!" like a monster-truck rally ad, but he could kick the excitement up a notch.

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