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Kissing Toast

Chris talks to Leah about Jamie, his ex. Chris interviews that Leah has seen some of the pictures that Jamie sent. In one such photo, Chris has his bangs pulled back and he looks so much better. Please lose the bangs, Chris. Chris says that Jamie wanted a deeper commitment than he was willing to give. Leah interviews that she's learning that Chris is sensitive and has feelings. Leah says that women don't know what guys are feeling unless they say it. She advises Chris to send Jamie a postcard instead of a teddy bear. Wow, Leah always struck me as the teddy bear type. (That's not a compliment.) Chris says he needs to write down Leah's advice. Chris shows Leah his notebook of notes on women. Leah interviews that she feels terrible about what she's said about Chris, and that she needs to accept his differences. Leah reads the notebook and thinks it's really funny. Chris looks pleased that Leah likes it. Leah pronounces it "cute." Chris interviews that he's building a relationship with Leah and he likes it. Yeah, I've heard that before.

Next time: Christina gets really drunk. Ace's girlfriend, Kate, comes to visit. Ace gets into a fight with someone.

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