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Kissing Toast

Chris talks to his mom on the phone. He says that he thought he was doing well, and then he got into another fight. Chris interviews that maybe the girls feel like they are trying and he's not. Chris's mom advises him to try to get along. Chris says that he hasn't opened up to them, and that it's made things worse. Chris interviews that he feels like he should get everyone together and tell them that he's been dealing with a lot of things from home and so he hasn't been himself. I totally thought that he was making up the whole "problems at home" thing at first. I'm still not entirely convinced that he's not just making it up.

Chris talks to his roommates on the train. He says that he's got a lot of stuff going on at home that he doesn't want to burden them with. Chris interviews that his roommates think he's someone he's not and that he wants to clear that up. Chris says he's been unfair because he hasn't opened up to his roommates. Christina is just looking at Chris like, "What the fuck are you talking about, fool?" Mallory interviews that she thinks Chris is sincere, and that he doesn't want to be an outcast. Chris says that his roommates have made him a better person. Christina asks whether he minds when she's direct with him, and Chris says that his family is very blunt, so it doesn't bother him. Leah interviews that she sees some vulnerability in Chris, and it changes the way she sees him. Chris says that he knows now that he needs to wake up and take care of some issues.

The roommates walk home from the train station. Leah and Chris walk together. Chris voice-overs that, since that talk, Leah has been nicer to him. Leah asks whether Chris's brother is going to come and visit, and Chris doesn't think so. Chris interviews that he looked up to his brother when he was growing up. Chris tells Leah that his brother disappeared for ten years, and then showed up, and then disappeared again. Chris interviews that his brother was wasting his life away on drugs. Leah asks whether Chris knows where his brother is now, and Chris says he doesn't have a clue if he'll ever see his brother again.

Chris lies in bed and talks to Leah some more. Leah asks about Chris's immediate family. Chris says he's close to his parents and talks about how cool his father is. Leah interviews that she's taking time to talk to Chris to try to understand why he is the way he is. Chris says that Leah is like his ex-girlfriend Jamie because he could talk to her about anything.

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