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Kissing Toast

Chris has lunch with David. Chris interviews that David has done a lot like him. Chris explains that he wants David's help with a book he's trying to write. Apparently, Chris has been writing down all of the lessons he's learned about women and wants to make it into a book to help guys understand women. I've got a tip for his book: women are just people, like you. If they act like high-maintenance drama queens, it's not because they are female. It's because they are assholes. Don't date those women. Unless you're into self-flagellation. Chris lists off some of his tips, which include that he shouldn't rub his balls in public, or brush his teeth in the kitchen sink. See, that's just common courtesy, and has nothing to do with sex. Chris also says that he takes the blame when a girl farts. Now that would piss me off. I want my credit! Chris says he thought he knew about women, but that he's learned that he doesn't. David thinks the book is about understanding the mentality of women. Chris says that's not possible because women are a different breed, so he's just trying to find out what not to do, through trial and error. Again, his problem is partly that he's uncouth and partly that the women he lives with are uptight.

Simon tells Adam about his boyfriend, Kakistos. Or Taguitos. Or Kissing Toast. Or maybe it's really Txisko (prounounced Teesh-ko). They met on New Year's Eve, and Txisko is from Spain. They only dated for three weeks before Simon left for Paris. In a confessional, Adam says he's surprised at how secure Simon is in his sexuality, and that he acts like being gay is the norm. Maybe because for him, it is? Simon says that his best friend J.P. has been hanging out with Txisko a lot, and so now his best friend knows his boyfriend better than Simon does. Simon interviews that it's not enough to have a telephone relationship, and that he needs to show Txisko how he feels.

Txisko is coming for a visit. Simon gets ready to meet him at his hotel. Ace asks if he's nervous, and manages to mispronounce Txisko's name. Simon calls Ace "Ice" and they joke about it. Leah interviews that Simon is glowing and she's jealous. Ace continues to make jokes and Simon says that his boyfriend is big and plays soccer and will beat Ace up.

Simon interviews that they're in an early stage of their relationship, so he doesn't know how he will feel about Txisko when they see each other. Simon arrives at Txisko's room, and they hug. Txisko is pretty cute, but he doesn't seem like a ball of personality. Then again, I don't think he speaks much English, os maybe that's the problem. Simon and Txisko hang out and snuggle and hug and kiss. Simon interviews that things between them are great.

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