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Kissing Toast

Chris stops at a florist and buys some flowers. He gets on the subway and finds his roommates. He stands there like a scary stalker and just stares at everyone. Chris takes one flower and sticks it on Christina's head, telling her that there's something in her hair. Christina tells him not to play stupid jokes, and then grabs the flower. Is it really a good idea to give them flowers after the lying-about-the-tulips incident? Because this is just going to remind them of that whole débacle. Chris gives the other flower to Leah, who refuses even to look at it, so Ace holds it for her. Christina smiles and looks at her flower. Christina interviews that dealing with Chris is like dealing with a five-year-old, because while he buys her a flower to make her less mad, he doesn't realize what he did wrong in the first place. Chris puts his arm around Christina. Leah still has her head down, and refuses to look at Chris. What a baby. Leah interviews that she doesn't want the flower from him. So, what's wrong with just telling him, "Chris, I appreciate that you thought of me, but I'm really too mad to accept this right now." Or a less drama queeny version would be just to take it and thank him and then let it go.

Leah and Mallory lie in bed and talk. Leah explains about the flower thing and says that Chris brings out "these murderous impulses in [her]," and she wants to smother him in the middle of the night. This is why Leah needs to learn to forgive and forget. It would help with her anger issues, I think. Mallory interviews that Leah has a lot of negative feelings towards Chris. Leah says she doesn't believe anything that Chris says, so it's not worth even talking to him.

Mallory and Simon see Adam on the train. Simon and Mallory invite Adam to join them for a drink at a gay bar. Adam interviews that he's open to going to a gay bar because "homosexuality is not a big deal." At the bar, Adam dances on a pedestal. Mallory interviews that Adam is funny, and that they dared him to get up there and dance. Mallory thinks it's funny to see Adam pretending to be gay. Adam? Is a terrible dancer. I don't know if he's dancing goofy on purpose because he's pretending to be gay, or if he's just a bad dancer in general. But wouldn't someone pretending to be gay dance really well? I mean, isn't that the stereotype? The editors play "Shake Your Bon Bon" by Ricky Martin while Adam dances. Hee! He looks like a chicken. Adam rejoins Mallory and Simon. Some guy comes over and gives Adam his sunglasses, then gives Adam a kiss on the cheek. Simon interviews that Adam wasn't expecting it. Adam interviews that he doesn't know whether the guy likes him or not. Adam nervously asks Simon whether the glasses-giving was some sort of gay sign. Hee! Yes, much like the whole handkerchief/pocket code from the '70s, nowadays gay people communicate their interest through the giving of sunglasses. Dude, if he liked you, he would have kissed you for real, not just on the cheek. Simon assures Adam that the guy just wants him to look better. Hee! Adam interviews that he was trying to hide behind Simon and pretend that they were together to get the guy to go away. Or you could just tell him that you're straight. Or not interested. Dork.

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