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Previously on The Real World: Chris told Leah that he sent in their assignment on time. Leah doubted it, so she tattled to Brice and found out that while the assignment got in on time, there weren't enough tips and finds. Leah was delighted to catch Chris in a lie. Leah and Christina yelled at Chris.

Just a tip (not a find): There will be no Most Awesome Thing in this recap because I was out of town this week and didn't watch that much TV. Sadly. I was going to use the E! True Hollywood Story about The Real World, but it totally blew. Rest assured that I have no less than three Lifetime Movie Network movies saved on my DVR right now, so I'm sure the segment will return next week.

Eiffel Tower Shot Vingt-Huit. The roommates are at the office. Ace interviews that everyone is pissed at Chris because they're not getting the bonus. Leah calls Brice on speakerphone. David -- that vaguely Art Garfunkel looking dude who is supposed to be the roommates' Paris publisher connection -- is also at the meeting. Brice tells everyone that the assignment was incomplete, so they won't get their bonuses. They will, however, get their salaries. Bullshit. I know I say it every time, but I seriously do not get how doing your work and handing it in on time merits a bonus. Handing it in early? Bonus. Doing more than what was assigned? Bonus. But doing your job as outlined? No bonus. Brice says it's unfortunate that they couldn't work together as a team. Mallory interviews that they knew what had to be done, and it didn't happen, and "some of us are just really kind of stuck on how much it sucks that we didn't get the full bonus." And by "some of us," she clearly means "Leah and Simon." Simon says that he knows Brice wants them to work as a group, but that they did give Chris ten tips and ten finds. Chris explains that he was given the material two minutes before it was due, so he didn't have time to type it up. Simon's kind of a tattletale too. Like, just accept that you didn't get the bonus, and don't let Chris be the point person again and move on, instead of continuing to whine about it.

Chris says he had not only to type it in, but also to format and spell check it. Chris interviews that everyone could have done things differently, and that they need to accept responsibility as a whole. Brice says that they need to communicate and learn to work together. Leah interviews that Chris is always looking for ways to fuck with people in the house. I really don't think he is. I think he's just that clueless. David tries to say that they should learn a lesson from losing the bonus, and that he wants them to exude positive energy now. Leah says that she can't, because she's pissed that she didn't get the bonus. She bitches that she has to pay her student loans, like, then maybe she should have stayed home and gotten a real job. Chris says he's getting crucified. Leah walks away. In an interview, Leah asks why it's okay just to let someone off the hook and forgive him, and bitchfaces that forgiving to her is like letting something go, and that she can't let it go. Damn, that girl has a lot of anger inside her. The reason you just let someone off the hook is because it's not worth your time and energy to continue hating them. And also, everyone makes mistakes, and maybe if she were less concerned with keeping some sort of giant scorecard of the times she's been wronged, she could stop being such a bitch all the time.

All the roommates leave, save Chris. David talks to Chris about the roommate problems. David asks how Chris is doing living with everyone. Chris says that he's the scapegoat of the house for everything, but he tries not to get frustrated. Chris interviews that he tries to see his roommates as family, and they need to cut each other some slack. Chris wants to have lunch with David during the week, and David agrees.

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