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Kissing Professor Stoner's Ass

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Kissing Professor Stoner's Ass

Tense Guitar chords play. Joe is on the phone (yet another Phone Call of Pain!) with one of his professors, Professor STONER, hee hee. Stoner, dude. Joe chomps on gum, slumps, and rolls his eyes during the harangue: "I need to be in a position to pass you in this class." Hee hee, "position." Maybe, bend over? Sorry. Joe gets all exposition-y and says that Prof Stoner "is unhappy with my contribution to the class." Mm-hmm, I see that now. Stoner-dude keeps yelling: "You said you would do the work in Miami! You said you would be in communication!" Joe weakly protests for a bit, then says between clenched teeth, "What do you need from me in order to complete the class?" Prof Stoner is like, Dude! Mellow! Out! Kidding. "Take a recent event like why you chose not to go into the business, and capture what you did and why." Good idea! Because that very subject is so interesting! Except for the interesting part. Some grunge chords play (I think it's Live, ugh) and Joe sits sadly in an interview and explains how hard it is for him to concentrate on school while he's in Miami "in vacation mode," but he "has to graduate in May." Ooh, my fingernails, they are so bitten. Because I'm worried. Heh.

Business meeting. Landon's here, with his arms folded, looking as crushed and crumpled as ever. Poor Landon. Sarah says they need a scheduling manager and a marketing coordinator for Delicious Deliveries. Flora says she wants to do the ordering and receiving, "whatever the day thing is." Keeping her nights free for the men in her life, that's thoughtful. Don't put those white jeans away yet! Sarah asks Joe if he's "out." As a tiny lothario (tm CrewBaby)? Lover of giantesses? A bit of a ho? Yes, Joe's out. Oh, she meant the business. My bad. Joe says, "It's up to you's not just my decision." Oh, you tiny little passive-aggressive thing, you. Cut to an interview of Mike saying that Joe is out, then the group debates the merits of having insurance.

Sarah and Flora jam rollerblades on their feet (watch for spiders!) and roll all over town spying...I mean getting information from real dessert business...I mean their competitors. Flora says, "Can I get a menu to go?" Sarah asks for prices of baked goods. Dude, once I was writing a piece about novelty pet items and went into a pet shop and started taking notes, and I so got yelled at by the owner lady because she thought I was a competitor, spying on her business. So I told her I was just a writer and not another pet-store owner and she calmed down, but these Miami bakery shop guys? Have no idea. You guys are about to be put out of business by Delicious Deliveries! Run! Hide! Except for the...oh, you know.

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