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Kiss The Rain!

David and Rebecca are walking down the street. David says they will be "digging the fish," which sounds vaguely obscene until we see that they are headed for the Seattle Aquarium. Once inside, we are treated to numerous shots of Rebecca and David looking at fish. While looking at one fish, which may or may not be a puffer-fish (hey, I'm no ichthyologist), David comments that it has "so much going on." Yeah, look, it's swimming, and then it's swimming, and then it's swimming. So much going on there. Rebecca thinks the fish looks "Asian-esque," and I don't know why she couldn't have just said "Asian," unless she meant it only looks slightly Asian or something. David makes fun of her, like his statement was so great. In an interview, David says he doesn't know if Rebecca challenges him, so clearly the interviewer asked, "Does Rebecca challenge you?" David continues by saying that Rebecca opens his eyes to certain things and makes him feel happy, and he likes being with her. Back at the aquarium, David tells Rebecca she's like a salmon. Huh? Was that supposed to be a compliment? In a voice-over, David says that Rebecca is "in search of understanding" and he respects that, because that's him in a lot of ways. He concludes, "Rebecca has a lot of class." For the first of many times this season, we hear the terrible song "Kiss the Rain" playing, and the Space Needle makes its thirteenth appearance of the season. Good thing, because for a minute there, I thought they were at the Boston Aquarium. I'm glad they set me straight.

Irene is waiting for a cab, and when she finally gets one, she goes to the chiropractor and says she's having pain in her neck. The chiropractor asks her some questions, and then cracks her neck a couple of times. He tells her she can get in for a massage in the next twenty-four hours. Irene hopes it will "de-stress her," because moving into a house with strangers has stressed her out. Irene leaves the office and says in a voice-over that she's still not comfortable in Seattle, but she is more comfortable in the house, or at least a little more comfortable. Advancing my "Irene as outsider" theory even more, the first time we get a "storyline" that focuses on Irene, she's going somewhere alone, and talking about how stressed-out and uncomfortable she is. I'm sure if they asked anyone else if they were comfortable in Seattle and the house, that person would have responded the same way. But we're supposed to see Irene as the one that's not fitting in. Meanwhile, we have seen her going out on the town with her roommates and enjoying herself, but only in the background. I'm just sayin'.

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