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Kira, Cara, Carol, Whatever

David is on the phone with Kira, telling her that his roommates are all very excited about their relationship. He says that Lindsay was shaking, and then she said, "It really does happen." In a confessional, Lindsay says that she likes Kira a lot, and that Kira has a "huge impact on everyone in the house." David says that Irene is the same way, and that she gives him a hug every time she sees him. Then we see footage of David and Irene hugging, but I think it's from the "Irene is crazy" series later on in the season. In a confessional, Irene says that when she found out David was dating Kira, it made her want to know David more because she really trusts and values Kira. In an interview, Nathan says that he's in awe and can't believe that someone would give up her job and friends for David. I know he meant that in a nice way, but it sounded like he was saying he can't believe anyone would do that for stinky old David. In an interview, Janet says that Kira took that risk because she thought it was worth it, and that Kira feels that David is the man she's been waiting for. That is just so sad. Also, what is up with the parade of roommates vouching for Kira? You'd think the producers would want us NOT to like Kira, since she broke the B/M rules and all. I haven't even heard two words out of Kira's mouth, and yet they want me to form an opinion based on everyone else's testimony. What's up with that? On the phone, Kira says that it's nice to be able to think about David. Wait, B/M owned her thoughts too? They are the devil's spawn. David says he thinks about Kira and only Kira. Oh, gag. Kira floats, "That's why I'm in love." Okay, how long have these two even known each other? And they are already claiming the greatest love of all time? In an interview, Janet says that it's "all very passionate." Then we see the Space Needle.

In an interview, Stephen tells us about an event for their radio station job called "Snow Patrol." They're going to a local ski resort to hand out radio station tchotchkes. In an interview, David tells us they get to go to the K2 factory and pick out jackets and other outdoor gear. For free? So, they get to live in a house, rent-free. They get to go on a vacation for free. And now they get completely outfitted in ski gear, for free? Where is the justice in that? They all try on ski boots. David voice-overs that none of them know how to snowboard. In an interview, David explains what they will be doing on the mountain, and admits that it's "not a painstaking job." Irene tells the K2 guy that she is "trying to meet her husband" so she needs to "look cute." Isn't this the same woman that I was applauding last week for her stance on how it matters more what's in a girl's mind than what she wears? Yeah, I thought so. I realize she is mostly kidding, but I thought the juxtaposition was interesting. Stephen holds his snowboard up to Lindsay's, and she has to make some completely unnecessary comment about the size of the board. I don't get it. Why would it matter if the board was big or not? Then she runs her hands over it, and says, "Look how big the head is!" I'm not sure what that means. Lindsay's humor is so subtle.

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