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Kidney Stone Soup

Previously on The Real World: Tonya wore the tightest jeans ever to Walla Walla, where her boyfriend, Justin, greeted her. Tonya had kidney stones, which are "not really common in someone [her] age." The doctor gave her some medicine. Kyle had a girlfriend named Nicole, but he was nervous about completely committing to her. If he were single, he would love to date Keri.

The beach. They show the same clip of a kid doing a back handspring in the water that they used before. Kyle and Keri work as lifeguards. They eat lunch together. Where is Chris? Kyle says that Tonya is going to bring Justin to his family's lake house, and Chris is talking about bringing Kurt. Kyle thinks that "Chris and Kurt, at [his] lake house, would be a trip." You know those gays and their hijinks. In an interview, Keri explains that Kyle has invited all of the roommates to his lake house. Kyle explains what a lake house is, for those of you who wouldn't figure it out. Get this -- it's a house. Near a lake. And it's "a very summery place." Kyle says that CJP's parents are coming to town, but that she still wants to go, as do Theo and Aneesa. Kyle concludes, "That's everybody!" Keri points out that he forgot her, and Kyle says that he already knows that she wants to go. Keri's eating a sub, and it looks really good.

Tonya talks on the phone with Justin. She tells him that she misses him. In an interview, Tonya says that Justin is coming to visit, and that she's very excited. This is still that interview where Tonya is wearing that stupid pink headband, and it's driving me nuts. They do an interview every week -- why do they have to keep using footage from this one? Tonya says that she is excited to be in Chicago, but she also longs to be with Justin. I long for her to be with Justin as well, especially if it means she'll be off-camera and not talking. On the phone, Tonya tells Justin that they didn't need this growing experience because they have each other. Oh, puke. In an interview, Tonya says that she knows she's going to marry Justin and that he will marry her, as opposed to her marrying him and then him marrying someone else, I guess. Also, Tonya thinks that people spend their whole lives searching for what she and Justin have. Does anyone get the feeling that, in ten years, Tonya is going to be divorced, with two kids, and working as a waitress in a diner somewhere? Telling all of the patrons how she used to be on television, while they share wry smiles over the fact that she was probably real pretty once? It's like her life is a country song. I know that it's possible to marry young and stay married, but usually the people who manage that are a little more realistic about their relationships and don't pronounce them perfect at every opportunity. Tonya starts crying over how much she misses Justin.

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