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Karamo Is Weird

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Karamo Is Weird

Willie dances at a gay club with his friends. He interviews that he is attracted to some people, but he doesn't want to ruin his relationship with Dan. He admits, however, that he is dying for some man-on-man action.

The next day, Sarah asks Willie if he had a good time at the club. Willie says he had a blast, and saw many hot guys. He adds that it was difficult, because he really wants to be with Dan. Willie explains their relationship: "We're not exclusive, but we don't want to see other people." I don't get what that means. Oh. I guess it means that you can have random hookups with strangers, but you can't date anyone else. Meaningless no-strings-attached sex? Fine. Emotional connection? No. That seems like a fine theory, but I've never seen it actually work out in practice. ["Actually, I do know some gay folk for whom it works great." -- Wing Chun] Willie interviews that he and Dan don't have a commitment, but he knows that he won't find anyone like Dan out there.

Willie talks to Dan on the phone. Thus begins a montage of Willie on the phone with Dan, who is in a different country every time they talk. Willie interviews that Dan is "a personal flight attendant," so they don't know when they will see each other next. On the phone, Dan says that he wants to continue seeing Willie, but he also wants Willie to "have [his] experience" at the same time. Willie interviews that he's not hurt by Dan's permission to date, but that it's also made him question Dan's feelings for the first time. Dan says he doesn't want to intrude on Willie's experience, and Willie says that Dan is involved in that experience already.

Landon talks to his friend Wendy on the phone. He says that the roommates are all comfortable with each other, but that they do have some problems with Karamo and with Melanie. He adds that Karamo is weird, and relays the story of Karamo saying that he wanted to slit Landon's throat. Wendy asks whether Karamo has reason to dislike Landon, and Landon says the only thing he can think of is that he and Shavonda are good friends.

Sarah talks to Karamo while he plays pool. Karamo says that he didn't do anything productive that day, and that he never does. Yet, he skips out on work, which would be productive. Karamo interviews that he's in the deep end of the pool in terms of his comfort zone. Karamo tells Sarah that he's going to start causing problems. Sarah says that won't fix anything. Karamo thinks it will make him feel better, and adds that he has "a very mischievous mind." Sarah thinks that Karamo is a softie. Now she's questioning his manhood? Karamo says that, deep down, he has a very vicious mind, but then something comes over him that makes him do the right thing. A conscience? Sarah interviews that Karamo is unique, and kind of a weirdo. Sarah says that she doesn't like to hurt people. Karamo says he doesn't like to hurt people physically. Sarah says that she doesn't like to hurt people mentally either, and Karamo tells her that she's on her own with that one.

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