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Julie's Stupid Letter

I have to give a shout-out to my friend Mary, who loaned me her tape of this episode when I got screwed by Daylight Savings Time.

Previously on The Real World: Julie played a joke on Matt, but Matt wondered if it was a joke, or if Julie was jealous that he liked another girl. David said everyone was "hating on [him]" because he's brilliant. I guess that's what he tells himself to make it through the day. Then he told Julie that he couldn't give her five minutes, or he would become "stagnant." Julie got really mad and slammed the car door. Really hard! Because she's mad! And she's not going to take it anymore! And later in this episode, the roommates will confront David, and we are all very excited to see that. I hope it's the opening scene!

No such luck. Julie, Matt, and Melissa are riding in the Yukon. Julie says that she had a big argument with David yesterday and hasn't talked to him since. Melissa wants details. Matt wants me to take issue with his dorky hat. No, he really does! I can't think of any other reason why he would wear it. Julie explains that David feels people resent him because he does everything "phenomenably." Maybe that's a special Mormon pronunciation. Julie says she told David that she resents him for being "arrogant as hell." She tries to give it the old one-finger-in-the-air-bobbing-the-head thing, but white girls from Wisconsin just shouldn't do that. I think there's a law on the books in Wisconsin. Someone should call Sean from the Boston season -- he's a lawyer in Wisconsin now, right? Maybe he could tell us. Then again, it's Sean. Probably not. Melissa encourages Julie. In an interview, Melissa says that it takes "time, effort, and balls" to get David to understand. Matt and his hat say that if you "throw your fists up to David, he'll throw his up stronger." Julie doesn't think that David is stronger, and after their conversation in the Yukon, she walked away feeling like she "had made a point, and he had not." Well, of course she felt that way. I'm sure David feels exactly the opposite. All this conflict must be leading somewhere. I bet the confrontation scene is coming right up! In an interview, Matt travels back to the Roaring Twenties with the infamous raccoon coat. He says, "Twenty-three skiddoo! I don't like when people talk about the six of us, thus inferring [sic] that David is the odd man out. David is the bees' knees! I am the cat's pajamas!" Julie continues her "guest on Jenny Jones" speaking style when she says that David needs to "learn that he cannot always function that way because no one is going to like him." Doesn't that imply that some of them like him now? I don't think we've seen evidence of that in any recent episodes. Maybe Matt. I'm not saying I blame any of them for disliking David -- he certainly hasn't been peaches and cream to them.

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