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The Neverending Cycle
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Previously...Janelle and Tyler hated Svet, the Milan died, and Mystic Tan had a bunch of water damage.

Praise the deity of your choice; Mystic Tan is open again, Ricky having replaced a bunch of damaged goods. There to work, hang out, and socialize are the gang and Zach's parents and sister, who are in town to see what kind of depraved life their son is currently living. Tyler prissily asks them when they're leaving, and is thrilled to realize that they'll be in town for "a cocktail event on Friday with seven-time Olympic medallist Amanda Beard." I don't quite know how he does it, but he manages to puff his scrawny chest out with importance as he says this. The family sounds duly impressed that the uber-swimmer will be there to promote her new line of Speedo swimwear. Coincidentally, this is a pretty big campaign -- I've seen billboards of her that are the size of entire buildings, so Speedo's not kidding around. How they came to believe that this crew would do a good job of things is beyond me. Tyler interviews that the hurricane basically destroyed the business, so this is their one hope at breathing some life back into the shop.

Svet and Paula head home in the lone working vehicle. Once there, they get a ticked-off call from Tyler, who's mad because they didn't give him a ride home. He needs to "get home to use the internet for the Speedo sell." Doesn't that just sound all important! They head back out to pick him up and sit in some traffic. Svet does her makeup as Paula says that this whole Amanda Beard reception is going to crash and burn because no one is going to know about it. I guess that means she's not on the committee, or something, since one would think that it might behoove her to figure out a way to let people know about it. I don't get it.

When they arrive back, Tyler is sitting with his face in his hands looking morose and doesn't even get up until he can piss and moan dramatically to Paula about how rude they are and how put out he is. That sloshing is the sound of me, swimming in a pool of my own tears at this sad story. Diva finally leaves with Jose. As they're on their way to the car, Zach realizes that they've gone, and quickly says goodbye to his parents, since he's supposed to get a ride home, too. Jose asks Tyler about this, and Tyler basically says that he couldn't give a rat's ass because he needs to get home. The darling little pot actually tells Jose he's going to leave without Zach. If there is anything I loathe, it's people who make up rules for people and how they should live their lives, but then don't actually live by those rules themselves. Watching this little windbag makes me want to throw something at the television, and I'm not even near the actual action of this episode. Fortunately, Zach makes it to the car before Tyler can actually leave him behind.

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