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Jealous Again

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Jealous Again

The roommates are working on the boat, and Brad tells Jacquese that Andrea (his ex) is coming to visit for a long weekend. Brad interviews that he's excited to see Andrea, and curious to see what things will be like between them. Brad claims that he wants to talk to Andrea about their relationship. Frankie whispers that Cameran will have a fit. Frankie interviews that Cameran will be troubled by Andrea's visit, but that she probably won't say anything to Brad. Jacquese and Frankie tell Brad how they think Cameran will act. Frankie offers to bet Brad ten bucks that Cameran will freak out, and Brad takes her up on it.

Brad and Cameran go to eat at a restaurant called Santana's. Cameran chows down on a giant burrito. Cameran interviews that Brad hasn't said anything to her since the bathroom incident, so she guesses he just doesn't want to make an issue of it. Brad interviews that he doesn't know how Cameran feels about Andrea's visit. Cameran tells Brad that Andrea's visit will either make things a lot better or a lot worse. Way to take a stand.

The night before she arrives, Andrea calls Brad and says she's excited to see him. Brad finds out what time her flight gets in and promises to pick her up at the airport. Brad says that he took off work and everything. Andrea is a little nervous that Brad is going out that night, since he has to get up early to get to the airport on time. Brad promises again that he'll be there. Andrea advises him not to get too drunk, and Brad promises again that he'll be there.

Robin and Cameran discuss how drunk Brad is planning to get, and wonder if it has anything to do with Andrea's pending visit. Brad tells Randy that he's going to set his alarm clock for 9:30 AM right now to ensure he doesn't forget. Randy sets the alarm. Wait, he's getting up at 9:30 AM to make it to the airport to pick up someone who has a 9:55 AM flight arrival? They must live, like, next door to the airport. Cameran asks Brad if he's planning on drinking a whole bottle of Jack Daniels himself, and Brad says he's going to share it with Randy. Brad talks about how much he hates fraternity parties, which is apparently where they're going tonight. Brad then gives Cameran a lecture of keg tosses versus keg slams. I am so glad I'm too old to attend keg parties anymore.

At the party, Brad gets really, really drunk. Like, stumbling around and slurring and with unfocused pupils and such. Cameran interviews that Brad can be mature, but that when he gets drunk, he gets out of control. Brad stumbles away from the party looking for Randy.

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