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Janelle And Jose's Fight

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Jose Locates His Balls

This season...The kids ride a Mystic Tan float. Skinny-dip. Dance in some foreign land. What looks like Paula and John make out on the bed in a hotel. Tyler and Zach try to watch from the hall. Ew and ew. Svet's horrible Russian Mafioso boyfriend comes to visit. Paula, clearly not taking her shrink's advice about no shots, drunkenly screams at Tyler. Janelle yells at some dreadlocked Rasta. Said Rasta goes to a hotel instead of staying with Janelle. Heh. Good move. John calls Tyler a piece of shit. Paula cries to her boyfriend on the phone, telling him she's "always punished" for what was his fault. Another hurricane! The kids head to the basement of some hotel, scared. And that's it! Smell ya later!

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