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Jose Locates His Balls

Outside. A high-school marching band plays in the hot sun. Poor kids. They then also have to suffer the indignity of not only the editors piping in other professional marching-band music instead of playing their shitty audio, but also Tyler krumping and vogueing in front of them. Janelle shakes her head for the rest of us. The kids watch, pretending to be proud of themselves. The anti-AIDS guy makes another little speech, and Zach camera-fros about being proud.

Bossman Ricky Croft reveals that they brought in $1309 for the day. He asks the mathly-challenged Svet what her cut comes out to be. She has no idea, so Paula has to rescue her. Paula then tells us that the seven kids are supposed to be splitting half of the money they make at the salon. Bossman Ricky Croft, in serious need of a Mach 3, reveals that he's going to give them all of the money from the opening. "Thanks, Dad!" says Paula. BRC beams. Zach camera-frats that this was great because they need money. For whaaaaat?

CUT TO: Bars! Of course. They need booze money! Janelle decides to ruin Paula's night by still talking about her Jose fight; she says that she'll forgive if he apologizes, but that she'll never forget. Why do people enjoy verbalizing every thought that goes on in their heads? Paula tells us that Janelle just writes people off. Janelle still babbles in Paula's hungry, scabbed ear, saying that Janelle's "not a hateful person." Okay, whatever you say. And in B/M's constant weird effort to wrap up each episode's drama as neatly as possible, Paula mentions that Jose is sensitive, and so suddenly Janelle camera-justifies that Jose is insecure, and so the fact that his lashing-out came out of that makes it easier for her to forget. Or something.

Streets. Streets. Street. Jose ruins Svet and Paula's night by talking about the fight. He says he shouldn't have cursed Janelle out like he did, but he told himself he was going to be honest and true to his feelings from now on. "Don't take it back!" says Svet. Nice, Svet. Paula drops some knowledge, telling us that without fights, you can't have resolutions, and you can't grow. Jose hugs Paula. Jose camera-brows that perhaps he and Janelle will be able to sit down in the future and work it out. Jose babbles some more about being true to himself. Paula is happy for him. So is some smiley David Faustino-looking guy standing by and watching. The kids walk. The kids walk. A bus almost runs them all over. Almost.

A quick MTV Overdrive clip shows Bossman Ricky Croft chewing out Zach in the storage room. Ooh, why doesn't stupid support Mac? Worst fucking chaotic dumbshit hard-to-navigate website ever.

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