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Austin. Night. Cop car. Cop car. Police lights. Warehouse. Phone rings. Wes gets the phone call from Neh in jail. He accepts the charges, but the phone hangs up by mistake. Wes, clearly enjoying this whole ordeal, camera-tools that he's wondering what Neh did and how the hell they're going to get him out. Clearly, it's finally time for the show to reveal its purpose in jerking us around for twenty-two damn episodes now: it's turning into a prison-break show! Wes had better get himself to the tattoo parlor. Then again, that giant map would be way too easy to read on his ghostly skin. Wes flips through the Yellow Pages (you're not trying to find a hardware store, moron) while Lacey enters, wondering who was on the phone. Dude, it's not your gimpy boyfriend. Relax. Wes says that it was jail, and Lacey calmly asks, "What did he do?" Suspiciously unconcerned, Lacey. Wes babbles and then proposes a betting pool over what Neh did to get arrested. Wes and Lacey both guess he got into a drunken fight. Good guess. Wes camera-pales that he suspects Neh didn't just steal a rose from a hobo and that it'll therefore cost money to get him out, and that's a "scary" thought. Yeah, if you spend all your money on Neh's bail, how are you going to keep yourself in plaid shirts and Natty Lights? Danny comes in and learns about Neh's predicament. Danny is deeply concerned...or his eye is just slipping out of his broken socket again and he's trying to hold it in. Danny camera-tools that Neh is a tough kid and that he probably just snapped and went off at the wrong time. You'd think Danny wouldn't be on Neh's side, having been the victim of assault himself, but his nice guy-ness wins over. For now. He catches a cab headed for jail, knowing he can't get Neh out, but just so that Neh knows someone came for him. Or something.

Austin. Morning. Warehouse. Danny's felt hat tells the waking-up Johanna and Rachel that Neh got into a fight and injured someone and that the victim is pressing charges. The bail is between two and five thousand dollars. Johanna then blabs to us Neh's family's economic outlook, camera-talking that no one in his family is going to be able to pay that much money. Danny reveals that Neh will sit in jail for thirty days, and maybe go to prison if they can't get him out. Johanna rubs her face; what's she rubbing off? Probably a giant bratwurst from last night. Rachel then supportively mentions that they have the screening of their doc next week, and what are they going do to, given that Neh was doing all of the editing work? Rachel camera-talks that she's not a heartless, mean person, but that she does worry about their project. Danny announces that he's going to see if "Production" can front him his money. I sure hope he means their B/M payment for being on the show. Because I'd be pissed if they were actually getting paid for making the worst short since last year's blatant Oscar bait, Pixar's Fifteen Children from the South Bronx Learn Ballet and Then Get Hodgkin's and Then Live Through The Holocaust While Playing Jazz With Thelonious Monk, a Group of Child Prostitutes from Russia, and a Beat Poet With AIDS.

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