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Jacinda's So Crazy!

B-roll of the back of a charming set of London row houses. We see Jay talking to his beard...I mean, "his girlfriend." They are both excited that Jay is coming home to Portland a week from tomorrow. So Jay explains in an interview that he wants to get his girlfriend "a nice little thing that would just be cute...and something a soccer player would wear." A jockstrap? Shin guards? A nice oversized rugby shirt with dirt and grass stains on it? Jacinda takes Jay to this place that she says is the "trendiest lingerie shop in all of London." Jacinda leads Jay into this storefront. I can't make out the name of the shop, but the interior makes it look like a poor step-cousin of Victoria's Secret. It's sort of a sad little store with all these racks of underwear bursting forth from the painted particle-board walls amid framed photos of non-supermodels. Does Jacinda have a friend who owns a lingerie shop and has nude photos of Jacinda he's using to blackmail her? Seriously, I can't get over how much they're hyping this bad lingerie store yet not letting us know the actual name of said lingerie store. So then Jay does a little comedy -- you know, since his performance a few weeks ago just awakened the performer within. He walks around the store looking sheepish and yet simultaneously draws attention to himself by laughing like a maniac as if to say, "Oh my God, I'm in a lingerie store! Where is my mommy? Where is my daddy?" Jacinda follows him around and tries to coax him into telling her what he wants to see on his girlfriend. It's not stage-y or belabored at all. Except for the stage-y and belabored part. Jacinda is acting like Annie Sullivan to Jay's Helen Keller, awakening Jay to the vast world of women's underthings. Jay nixes one piece because he doesn't think his girlfriend would wear anything "clingy like that." Jacinda laughs sweetly but condescendingly and explains to Jay that "underwear is supposed to cling!" Upon discovering the lost city of clingy underwear, Jay jerks around some more and laughs maniacally. They discuss a lace slip that Jay doesn't think he has the courage to buy. "I can't deal with lace...because I like it," says Jay -- a little too ironically, if you ask me. He explains in an interview that he's "not exactly a lingerie connoisseur" and praises Jacinda for helping him buy lingerie. "I'm proud of you, Jay," says Jacinda as they leave the store with their purchase.

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