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It's Just Emotion That's Taking Me Over

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It's Just Emotion That's Taking Me Over

Sarah and MJ work out together (on treadmills -- get your minds out of the gutter!) and then walk home. Sarah says that she's tired and just wants to stay in tonight, as she grabs MJ's hand in case he didn't get the connotations of "staying in." In a confessional, Sarah says that she feels a sense of comfort when she's with MJ. Sarah says that when she drinks too much, she gets depressed the next day, and to most people, that would be a sign not to drink so much, but apparently, Sarah hasn't made that connection yet. MJ interviews that he thinks Sarah's hot, but that he can't figure out "what Sarah wants or what Sarah needs." Well, she wants to have sex with MJ and she needs a swift kick in the ass. Or that might just be what I want for her.

Sarah tells Shavonda that she has a crush on MJ, but that she thinks his relationship with Ashley is more serious than he's revealing. Sarah interviews, "Knowing MJ, and knowing the brief history of their relationship, Ashley has a very unrealistic view of what MJ is ready for in terms of relationships right now." Yeah, she's only known him for two months, and Sarah has known him for...less than a week. So Sarah is definitely the MJ expert. Sarah says that she thinks Ashley needs to be "more understanding as a female," and that Sarah can have sex with her friends and not "be weird about it in the morning." She wants MJ to let her know his relationship status, because otherwise she will be aggressive. Didn't MJ already tell her that he has a girlfriend? Does he also need to give her a five-year projection on what he sees happening in the relationship? If he used the word "girlfriend," to me, he's in a committed relationship. If he wanted to seem available, he wouldn't have mentioned the girlfriend at all.

Shavonda changes the subject by mentioning how cute she thinks Landon is, and that she even told her boyfriend that she thought Landon was hot. Wow, that's...kind of shitty. Shavonda interviews that she's scared to have a crush on Landon, because it feels like she's being unfaithful to her boyfriend. Landon comes into Shavonda's room and hops into bed with her. He checks out a photo of her boyfriend and says that he doesn't see her dating a guy like that. Like what? White? Ugly? Shavonda interviews that she has the perfect boyfriend, and that she's grown dependent on him. Healthy! Landon thinks that Shaun must wonder how he ever got a chick like Shavonda, and instead of being offended, Shavonda laughs. That relationship is past its expiration date. Landon interviews that the show will put a stress on their relationship. Landon's hair was extremely curly last week, and then I think he got a perm, because his hair is super-curly now. Shavonda agrees that Shaun is a punk rocker, but also hip-hop. Landon interviews that he doesn't think it's a good idea to start something with a roommate, but he does sense a crush on his part, and on Shavonda's part.

Shavonda calls Shaun and says that it's not as easy as she thought it would be. Shaun says that it'll be fine, and that he never said that she couldn't talk to people and have fun. Shavonda feels like she's walking on eggshells, and interviews that she needs to free herself from that pressure. Shaun tells Shavonda that the only thing she can't do is "get with" someone, and perhaps they should put a definition on "get with," because that seems like a pretty broad phrase that is open to interpretation. Shavonda asks what happens if she wants a break, and Shaun wonders what she needs a break from. Shavonda says that she doesn't want to worry all the time. Shavonda interviews that she's young and that she thinks it's time to date around, so that she can be with Shaun later and be satisfied. In other words, Shaun should wait around for her to sow her wild oats or whatever? Shavonda acts like it doesn't matter that she's about a million times better-looking than Shaun, but that statement shows me that she totally knows it and probably enjoys it. Shavonda tries to explain the pressure she feels, and Shaun says that she shouldn't see him as an obligation. Shavonda tells him to forget it. Good luck with that.

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