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It's a Family Affair

Previously: The gang gets all political and votes and goes to rallies and stuff. Norman finds a not-boyfriend. Julie plays at being homeless. Julie tells her mom she's not coming home right away, and Julie's Mom decides to Pay a Visit.

Becky, sporting a very Weimar Republic hairdo, tells us that the lofties find a dog. Or, more precisely, they find a dog with a head like a pickled walnut. They all pretend to think it's adorable. Norman wants to call the dog (gag) "Yoda." He says it responds to the name.

The next five minutes are filled with the lofties trying to find the home of this so-called dog and cooing over its cuteness. Personally, I think the dog looks like the nub of something that doctors would potentially try to stitch back on the original owner, but whatever. In between, we see Julie talking on the phone with her parents. She tells them that she might not be returning right away; the parents then tell her that she's crazy and needs to come home, and if she doesn't, her parents are giving away her dog. And ruh-roh! Julie's mom is coming to visit after Easter. Julie warns us that you can't believe her family until you see them. And she is really happy that her brother is coming, too. And that her mom's agenda is guilt trips galore.

The lofties at dinner. Julie tells Heather that she has to stick around and hang out with Julie's mom. Heather snorts and says, "Julie. You don't even want to hang out with your mom. Why you think I wanna hang out with your mother?" Becky, apprehensive, asks where Julie's family will be staying. Straight-faced, Julie replies, "The loft." She lets that one sink in, then cracks up and tells them she's kidding. Ha. Ha. Ha. Everyone's shoulders slump in relief.

The lofties find a tick on the dog. Heather bluntly tells us in her one-on-one that she hates the dog and thinks it's ugly and it has cooties. Norman says, "That's a HUGE motherfucker tick!" Four minutes are spent watching Julie and Norman on the phone getting Tick Nine-One-One. Heather shouts at the dog, "Stay away from me! You are so ugly." During this segment, Gouda stands around looking cute and confused as to why the lofties are paying huge amounts of attention to some Chernobyl experiment and not him. Close-up of the tick. It is pretty gross.

Julie's on the phone working out logistics for her family's arrival. She tells her father that she will wait for her mother's call before doing anything. She tries not to look gleeful after she gets off the phone. Apparently, they're not letting any planes land at La Guardia because of a huge wreck at the airport, and she tells Heather cheerfully, "Maybe they'll just have to turn around and go back to Birmingham." Heather makes "Victory" signs with her arms. Becky tells us, "Poor Julie was a mess. I've never seen her this grumpy." Shot of Julie looking like the Biggest Tension Migraine in the World has taken up permanent residence in her head.

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