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It Ain't Easy, But It Sure Is Big

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It Ain't Easy, But It Sure Is Big

Julie asks David if he thinks he's a "player," and points out a bumper sticker he owns that says, "Move out of the way or you're gonna get played." David says he has experience, and experience is the key to life, so he's living life. Yeah, I don't know what he's talking about either. Julie asks him about his first impression of her. David says he thought she was "fresh like a snowflake" and David felt like he would corrupt her. In a confessional, Julie says that she has a connection with David, and they're "meshed" and she can see into him and he can see into her. What? Where did that come from? David compares himself to dirty, slushy snow, and Julie says, "Yellow snow?" Once again, Matt is in the room for this conversation, even though he hasn't said a word, and you didn't even see that he was there until the end. Dude, he's creeping me out. He's everywhere! David asks if Julie could ever see herself with a person like him. Julie says she doesn't know and giggles. David needs to tone it down about ten notches.

David hums along with a tape recorder, and informs us in a voice-over that he is "writing a song" for Julie based on one of her guitar parts. Oh my God. You know before, when I said that Jamie's jig was the funniest part of the episode? I lied. This is. David is making these strained faces while he sings, like he's trying to push out a bowel movement, and it is so hysterical. He's so deadly serious about the whole thing. Anyway, he is clearly infatuated with Julie. He says some other stuff in this scene, between songs, but that's what it boils down to.

Matt and Julie are playing pool and he mentions that he might fly a friend named Tammy down. Julie asks who Tammy is, and Matt says she's a former girlfriend. In an interview, Matt says he can't tell when girls are interested in him. Julie says she thought about flying John down, obviously trying to make Matt jealous. In an interview, Julie says she would like to find someone to love, or even a good friend. Julie tells Matt she's planning on marrying a guy who is her best friend, and they will have known each other forever, and it'll be right. Then she waits until Matt turns his back and mouths, "You!" and points at him, and then writes "I heart Matt" with pool chalk on the table. Matt doesn't get it.

Julie is on the phone with her friend, "Tifani." She says Matt "drives her crazy" because he's "so perfect." See, I'm still not feeling it. Tifani surmises that Matt always has the right words to say and always looks good. Are we all talking about the same Matt here? The breakdancer? In an interview, Julie says she thinks Matt is "awesome" and a "wonderful person." Then she calls her mom to tell her to book a reception hall for her upcoming nuptials to Matt.

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