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It Ain't Easy, But It Sure Is Big

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It Ain't Easy, But It Sure Is Big

Danny and Kelley get into bed together and Kelley says Jamie will be joining them. Julie says she's never slept in the same room with a boy. Kelley asks her about her brother, and Julie says he's not a boy and it doesn't count. Kelley jokes that in Arkansas it counts, and I think I heard the crew cracking up. In a confessional, Julie says that at BYU, her friends consider her wild, liberal and radical but in this house she's "Molly Mormon" again. Julie leaves. Guys, this is the funniest moment in the show. Jamie comes dancing into the room, doing a little jig and looking at the floor. He looks up and sees Danny in the bed, and just stops dead, then turns and walks out of the room. Ha! Clearly, he either thought he was going to get lucky and felt shot down, or he was nervous about sleeping in the same bed as Danny. Either way, it was funny as hell. I rewound it like ten times. Kelley goes after him and asks why he's not joining them. Jamie mumbles a lame excuse about having to work the next day. Kelley gets back into bed with Danny and says that her mom said, "You don't have to worry about abstinence with a gay guy, because they're the safest thing in the world to have in bed." Julie says that if Danny wakes up straight, she'll be worried. So Julie knows Danny is gay? I'm surprised the producers didn't make a bigger drama out of that discovery, considering how on the casting special she said she thought homosexuality was disgusting. I hope they don't try to pretend that she doesn't know next week. Anyway, Kelley says she's "not that good" and Danny says he hasn't woken up straight in twenty-two years.

David and Matt are eating breakfast. David asks Matt what he thinks Julie would be like in a relationship. Matt says she would be "selfless and giving." In an interview, David says that Julie and he have "the music thing" in common. David says that he and Julie have "completely different" lifestyles, but maybe that's why he's drawn to her. He says this to Matt, by the way.

In an interview, Danny says he's feeling the temptation to "hook up, big time." I'm feeling the temptation to tell him not to say "big time" anymore. Danny calls Paul and they talk about how much they miss each other and whether they should be exclusive. Danny channels Gay David from Seattle by saying "kid" a lot. The producers also get a lot of shots of him touching his ankle but because of the weird camera angle, it looks like he's putting his hand down his pants or something. Anyway, after Danny gets off the phone, he puts on his headphones and sits at the breakfast bar while Melissa and Matt sit in the background. I swear to God, Matt is always in the background.

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