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Issues, Schmissues

Last week: the roommates were forced to bond, and climb rocks, and hike around during an Outward Bound excursion in the middle of nowhere. Tami mentioned in passing that she was pregnant, but no one batted an eyelash.

Wow, abortion is so funny! Actually, this is a pretty serious episode; like, issues are discussed, and shit. It's like the Bizarro Real World, only not completely, because Beth is still a pain in the ass, and Dom isn't a twelve-stepper. Anyway, I'm just warning you; no matter what your politics are, abortion isn't particularly amusing, so this recap may not be the laugh-a-minute guffaw-athon you've come to expect. On the other hand, Beth still lives in the house and God knows she's practically guaranteed to provide a few chuckles, the poor thing. I'm actually starting to feel bad about the barrage of the mean comments I make about Beth all the time. Not bad enough to stop making them, though.

Fade in on the Beach House of Banality, where Tami congratulates her roommates for not (a) dying or (b) killing her during their recent weekend with the Outward Bound Nature Nazis. "Word!" Jon yells across the pool table. I'd take that as a shout-out, but, um, unless Jon hopped into his De Lorean and went back to the future to insert that little interjection, it's just a happy coincidence. ["No way, dude -- total shout-out." -- Wing Chun] Tami moans she personally hated the entire Outward Bound experience, but she wants to apologize to Aaron for yelling at him, because her wrath was unwarranted. Aaron responds to Tami's apology by looking totally blank. Insert your own "and that would be different from?" joke here. Tami then reminds her assembled roommates that she is, in fact, pregnant and announces that she has decided to terminate the pregnancy. Jon looks away. Everyone else just looks solemnly at Tami, who is remarkably composed. Calmly, she explains that this was a very hard decision to make, but she thinks it's the right one for her at this point in her life. Dom pipes up that he supports Tami in whatever she does, and says that it's "her decision." Tami smiles grimly and nods her head. She gestures to the sofa, where Aaron looks...well, kind of pissed, actually, and says that she knows both Aaron and Jon don't "agree with that," "that" being abortion in principle.

In an interview, Dom reminds me that abortion is not something to joke about (damn. When am I going to get to use all those abortion jokes I made up last night? Maybe I can sell them to Pat Buchanan) and calls it a "necessary evil." He muses something about the Supreme Court, but honestly, I have no idea what he was trying to say. The words were English, I'm pretty sure, but they came out of his mouth in what seemed like random order.

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